Campbell Live GCSB campaign flop

John Campbell and his Campbell Live show has been campaiging strongly against the GCSB bill. This campaign shifted up a couple of gears last week with a daily does of a dual GCSB road road show, plus and interview with John Key on the GCSB on Wednesday.

One of the things Campbell was trying to prove was that there was far more interest in the GCSB Bill than Key had been claiming (“more people are worried about snapper”).

Ratings for Monday-Thursday were consistently bad for the show, as shown by Throng’s comments in Act of God revives Campbell Live’s ratings, and this chart:

They only recovered on Friday when a GCSB road team happened to arrive in Seddon just after the earthquake and there was good coverage of that.

This doesn’t tell us whether it was the topic or the way the topic was being covered that turned off viewers, but iCampbell’s hard out anti GCSB bill campaign was a rating flop.

Tonight Campbell will have the results of the campaign poll, but this is so flawed it wil tell us nothing apart from how many people bothered to respond.

We’ll see if Campbell turns to other topics for the rest of the week,or whther he is so personally involved in the GCSB campaign that trying to win on that is more important to him than ratings.

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