Shearer resigns – sadness and hope

David Shearer resigned today, after going on gardening leave yesterday – or more accurately, he visitied Seddon. He may have felt more at home in a natural disaster zone than a caucus made one.

It’s sad to see this, but it was inevitable. Almost certainly the revelation of the secret meeting with Key over the GCSB bill was the tipping point, the fact that it happeend and seems to have been kept from colleagues, and the way Shearer blundered the revalation, giving John Key a free shot in question time on Tuesday. See Shearer-Key secret meeting stuns mullets.

But there is also hope. Perhaps FINALLY Labour will realise the have to work together and seriously begin rebuilding a party that has floundeed since Helen Clark’s exit in 2008. Ironically (or tellingly) Clark was reported to be visiting Wellington today.

Labour have a difficult month or two finding a new leader, unless caucus quickly decides on an unchallenged successor.

Then they have difficult fifteen months buillding into a credible alternative and at the same time showing significant signs of renewal.

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  1. What the hell??????????

  2. Darryl

     /  22nd August 2013

    Well like you say inevitable Pete. I don’t know why David Shearer hid the fact that he spoke with John Key, why be secretive. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. not sure that is the reason he resigned though

  4. Yeah I kinda think John Key pwning John Campbell may have been a factor too.

    • Yes, that brought home to anyone who wasn’t aware that Shearer could never match Key one on one. There have been fears expressed for a long time that even if he made it to the election campaign he would get annihilated in the debates.

      It’s been an accumulation. Logically the final trigger was Tuesday’s double barrelled foot shooting. But Shearer did say he waited until after the GCSB bill was through suggesting he has been thinking about it for a while. He would have to have been blind to his deficiencies to not have done that.


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