Southern action continues on Invermay

The announcement that the Invermay agricultural research centre may be gutted prompted a rising of concern and action in nearby Dunedin and across the south.

It prompted a Stand Up Otago feature and ongoing campaign by the Otago Daily Times.

And prompted a Southern Summit where mayors and leaders from Otago and Southland gathered to discuss actions that could save the south from further depletion of public service jobs and services.

The campaign has cranked up a gear. ODT reports South Enlists Former MPs.

Southern councils have reached across the political divide by recruiting former Dunedin MPs Pete Hodgson and Katherine Rich to the fight to save 85 jobs at Invermay.

Mr Hodgson, the former Dunedin North Labour MP, was the minister responsible for CRIs, including AgResearch, under former prime minister Helen Clark.

Former Dunedin-based National list MP Katherine Rich’s father, Dr Jock Allison, is a former director of Invermay.

Both former MPs were yesterday named as members of the working party finalising a counterproposal for Invermay, to be presented to the AgResearch board and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

Good to see them stepping up to join the fight. And southern local government leaders are to meet Bill English.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull yesterday said initial talks had been held with AgResearch representatives, and a four-strong delegation of southern councils would meet Clutha-Southland MP Bill English in Balclutha on Friday.

That delegation would feature Mr Cull, Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Woodhead, Environment Southland chief executive Rob Phillips and Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan.

The working party would make a final proposal to the AgResearch board late next month, and after that to Steven Joyce.

The counterproposal would be based on input from more than 50 delegates from organisations across the lower South Island, gathered at a summit held in Dunedin earlier this month.

The meeting was called after AgResearch unveiled a proposal to shift 85 jobs from the Invermay agricultural research centre to either Lincoln or Palmerston North by 2016.

Mr Cull said the counterproposal being prepared would show AgResearch’s plan was ”strategically damaging both to the region and the national economy”.

”Many see Invermay as integral to Dunedin’s economic development strategy, and its loss would have a major impact on the wider regional economy.

”If they take away the sort of infrastructure and services offered by Invermay, they erode our research and economic base and we have nothing to build on.”

Keep up the good work.


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  1. The AgResearch unit here in Hamilton is to lose 180 jobs and Council here didn’t know about it till the announcement. HCC has significant investments in AgR so it’s a kick in the teeth.


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