lprent analyses Labour leadership

I’ve had the occasional joust with lprent at The Standard, and have criticised some of his lengthy self absorbed lectures. I have also severely criticised his “moderating” at The Standard and his active support of a very uneven playing field.

But he has a bit of experience in politics, and occasionally he has something to say that’s not about programming and is interesting.

Yesterday he posted his views and voting decision on Labour’s leadership. There was some very good analysis that I mostly agree with in My votes.

I voted for Cunliffe, Robertson, and Jones in that order. My reasons are in this post. It is unnecessary for people to speculate on additional motivations.

But if Clare Curran, Trevor Mallard*, Patrick Gower or anyone else wants to run a politically based smear on me like they did on Jenny Michie, Mike Williams, and others then I’m perfectly happy to tear them a new rectum through their political credibility over the next decade.

Ok, after his initial declaration he can’t help threatening from the safety of his fiefdom, but most of the rest is an interesting read.

Especially interesting for someone who has pledged to vote for Greens next election.

I agree that Labour have to go for Cunliffe this time round, but then they will have an enormous challenge sorting out their internal discord.

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