Super city clusterfuck

The Auckland super city mayoralty is a major clusterfuck.

Len Brown has failed badly, and more failings are being revealed and alleged.

Bevan Chuang has been used and abused, but she is responsible for her own actions. She appears to be a political prostitute.

Brown’s main mayoral rival John Palino claims to have no knowledge of the Brown affair – with what appears to have been going on within his campaign he should have. If he didn’t have control he is tainted by association.

Luigi Wewege appears to have discredited himself big time, and at the very least by association he has discredited Palino. If Chuang is a prostitute Wewege can be likened to a pimp if claims made by Chuang of coercion are accurate.

Cameron Slater (Whale Oil) had a right and perhaps a duty to publicise news, but the manner of the revelations, the degree of detail provided and the disregard for collateral damage especially of Chuang are highly questionable. And while he claims to have had no collusion on this with Palino’s campaign manager – his father John – it was obvious that possible links would be presumed and alleged.

While the focus is on local body politics in Auckland there are a number of interconnections with national politics.

This super city clusterfuck is a super sullying of democracy in Auckland and New Zealand.

No wonder more and more people are turned off voting and participating in democracy.

If Brown stood down and there was another election for mayor of Auckland would any decent, capable people want to be involved by putting themselves forward?

Any re-election would more likely be a cluster of vultures scrapping over the carcass of Auckland’s democracy.

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  1. Darryl

     /  17th October 2013

    Len Brown is a bloody disgrace, no matter how one looks at this scandal. And to have his daughter coming out in public protecting him, is bad. 2 years of sin in the Council rooms, and now lets blame the young lady. Brown is a 57 year old man, stop blaming everyone else and stand down. He is nothing but a sleaze.

  2. Landford

     /  17th October 2013

    Fuck mate, come down to Christchurch, then you will understand what a clusterfuck is. All shot through with great lashings of illegal government activity!

    • Darryl

       /  17th October 2013

      Unlucky for you, look at your new Mayor. ugh.

    • Landford

       /  19th October 2013

      Lianne Dalziel and Ruth Dyson have worked tirelessly on the ground with affected residents in the worst affected areas. Beauty comes in many guises you know.

  3. Yes the clusterfucking is a moral stain on what voters will be furious about. They did not vote for these power tripping over dick-measuring.


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