Brian Rudman: Old goats need a swift kick

Who is the old goat here?

Brian Rudman wrote in NZ Herald on Wednesday: Don’t worry Mayor, no apology is necessary

One-time US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote of power being the ultimate aphrodisiac, and Mr Brown is hardly the first politician to discover this. But as long as he seems to have been able to fit in his extra-curricular activities with the job we elected him to do, I, as a ratepayer, don’t expect any apology.

As for the mistress, it takes two to tango.

In 2009 Rudman wrote about the Richard Worth saga: Old goats need a swift kick

The God’s gift to women delusion is hardly a rare phenomenon in parliamentary or legal circles. They’re both trades that attract those with the messianic gene.

What is disillusioning is that more than a century after Kate Sheppard and her fellow suffragettes won for women the right to vote, and half a century after the radical feminists strutted their stuff, mature women continue to be strung along by these randy old goats.

In both cases, why didn’t they give him a swift kick in the goolies, or in the case of the serial texting, send a copy of the messages to his wife – or to the press? We love to spring to the aid of fair damsels.

There doesn’t seem to be much springing to aid of damsels by Rudman now, but he’s four years older. Instead he seems intent on trying to kick some other old and young goats – Sex, blogs and right-wing plots – while dismissing the dalliances of the old Brown mayor.

Which old goat deserves a swift kick?

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