Questions for Len Brown

There are a number of questions that deserve answers from Len Brown. NZ Herald listed some in Top council pair stonewall on key questions arising from affair:

The questions

Len Brown and council chief executive Doug McKay have yet to answer the following:

• Did [Mr Brown’s actions providing a reference for Bevan Chuang] comply with the Council Code of Conduct, including the Conflicts of Interest Policy and the guidelines of the Office of the Auditor-General?

• Did the mayor seek advice from the chief executive or the Office of the Auditor-General before deciding to provide a reference or act as a referee?

• Did the mayor provide any other references/act as a referee for Ms Chuang on other occasions?

• Has Ms Chuang been contracted by the council in any other capacity, including the New Lynn market?

• What are the rules around council staff having sex in the workplace?

In an online post the Herald asks another question: Len Brown affair: Who sent the text?

In all the questions surrounding the Len Brown affair, one of the unsolved ones is who sent the text to his former mistress telling her not to speak out.

We have journalists working on it right now but have you got any tips how we can find out the owner or track down information?

If you’ve got any information or you can help please get in touch.

Some more questions:

  • Are there other women?

Whale Oil claims there are other women. When John Campbell asked Brown if any more was to come out he said:

We’ll you’ve got a fairly damning allegation there and it can’t get any worse than that.

That’s a fairly evasive answer.

  • How many hours have salaried council staff spent managing the PR on behalf of the mayor on just the specific issue of the Cheung affair in what the mayor claims is a private matter?
  • What did council staff know about what was going on?
  • How many staff aided and abetted Brown’s affair/s?
  • How many of Brown’s campaign team knew and kept it from voters?

UPDATE: Duncan Garner also asks questions in a blog post, some are repeats:

The story is shabby for so many reasons. These are my questions:

  • Is it acceptable for the Mayor to have sex on council property?
  • Is it acceptable for him to masturbate on council property?
  • Did he get free hotel rooms around the city so he could conduct this affair?
  • Did SkyCity give him free hotel rooms?
  • Does that compromise him given they are putting in more pokies and want his support for the International Convention Centre deal? Which he supports.
  • Who sent Bevan Chuang threatening texts from within Len Brown’s campaign team?
  • Did Brown know?
  • Did Brown act according to the Council’s Code of Conduct? 
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  1. Looking into Codes of Conduct is what I was asking when I wrote in you latest post – “clusterfucking over Brown”, is worse than the sin. BUT I agree conduct inside Council property, or inside any political office does need SEVERE SCRUTINY.

    Good post here – has the right questions to ask


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