Brown affairs: Who watches the watchdog?

A comment by blokeintakapuna at Whale Oil.

Why the Governor General needs to investigate Auckland democracy issues…
and whilst there, look at the political / media corruption issues also.

Our form of democracy is a 2-sided coin. Firstly, we all get “free” elections on a regular basis where all of us are free to choose who we wish to vote for and in a transparent, credible manner and with correct over-sight, the winner is eventually announced soon after voting finishes. That winner then needs to uphold the laws and expectations from the mandate they created for themselves by the values and virtues of who and what they campaigned and crusaded on as an individual.

They are supposed to not only help create the by-laws to help our societies function better, they are required by virtue of being the elected office holder, to actually up hold the laws, ethics and standards of those laws, rules and expectations.

The other-side to our democracy coin, is the checks and balances. Keeping the elected officials and politicians honest, corruption free and being held to account. The so-called mandate of the 4th Estate – the traditional media.

However – when the “watchdog” traditional media become complicit in assisting an elected official to maintain mass subterfuge on all of the population… even aiding and assisting with the façade, through rate-payer funded personal using rate-payer funded resources, to launch coordinated smear campaigns – by the watchdog 4th Estate – on the messenger that revealed the political corruption – well then it really is time our entire democratic systems were investigated… independently. For the sake of “Perception” if nothing else.

…and the coordinated smear campaigns are easily proven too. The Press Council can just review the likes of the Herald’s coverage and that of some of their captured journalists and their attempts at character assassinations of the messenger that spoke up about the corrupt practises by the Mayor elect. For these so-called journalist professionals have nailed their colours the masthead by the tone and calibre of their “articles” ..and it’s that same masthead from which they have hoisted their own petard.

When the democracy Watchdog has been captured and lulled into more of a lapdog of the Left, it’s an ugly stain on the political sofa in the Mayor’s office. When the Authorities can see our democracy and democratic processes being subverted for secret agenda’s of a select few and then elect to sit on the side-lines whilst the messenger gets attacked for exposing the political corruption to the disinfecting qualities of dazzling sunlight…

Our democracy can only function correctly with proper checks and balances. The checks it seems are in the post… and the balances are somewhat MIA.

The Governor General needs a microscope, rubber gloves, and the stomach to lift up the rug in the Mayor’s office and see what’s been swept under there…

Who watches the watchers when the watchdog has become a drooling lapdog? …and a willing, complicit component of coordinated subterfuge upon the Auckland population and NZ’s democratic freedom?

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  1. Possibly one of your best posts Pete.

    You are right – about the codes of conduct and ethical standards in decision-making. For example, just how ethical is the Skycity and National’s deal on the Convention Centre?

    You are right – the Media, for its love of ratings, has of late been pulled in to a vortex of a select few’s secret agendas’.

    QUOTE: Who watches the watchers when the watchdog has become a drooling lapdog? …and a willing, complicit component of coordinated subterfuge upon the Auckland population and NZ’s democratic freedom? UNQUOTE

    Your are right – your statement, ‘who watches the watchers’ is prophetic on the national level, as it certainly is on the local. Hamilton is about to come unstuck a number of issues its ratepayers have not been told out loud.

    So I pity ratepayers nationwide who have to put up with the unethical maneuvering by those whose hubris is suddenly being exposed.

  2. Goldie

     /  22nd October 2013

    A good post.
    In many ways, I understand how The Herald’s staff would be irritated at the continuous sniping from Cam Slater. And they must be embarrassed at how Slater got the scoop of Len Brown’s affair.
    Yet we have seen extremely unprofessional behaviour from Herald staff in the past week – Rudman’s bizarre conspiracy theory, Fisher getting into a twitter war with Slater, Drinnan commenting on Whaleoil…. The language in the Herald’s articles is biased (for example, Palino is labelled as “right-winger”, whereas people from the left are not labelled).

    Many in the media (Herald and TV3) first response in the Len Brown affair seems to have been very real vitriol towards Cam Slater. Now sure, Cam Slater is not an attractive personality – but to respond as The Herald and TV3 have done suggests that their staff are being motivated by intense personal animosity which has overridden their professionalism as journalists. The sheer lack of any balance or basic professionalism from The Herald is leaving me absolutely gobsmacked.

  3. I like it


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