Len Brown on Firstline

Len Brown was interviewed on Firstline this morning. He doggedly stayed ‘on message’ – move on and do what needs to be done for Auckland – but he looked tired, hesitant in his speech and lacking in confidence. It could be a long hard term for Brown if he lasts the distance.

He refused to answer any questions about his affair or any possible conspiracies.

When Brown was asked if there could be any further revelations he insisted his private life was just between him and his family and he refused to give any direct or indirect indication about any of the rumours floating around blogs. Brown’s aim is obviously to tough this out and hope nothing more makes the media.

It will certainly be tough at the office and tough at home for Brown for some time, regardless of whether his private affairs get more publicity.

A Firstline report is now online: New council, fresh focus for Mayor Brown

This morning on Firstline however, he said the missed engagements had nothing to do with avoiding the spotlight in the wake of the revelations, first broken on right-wing blog Whale Oil.

“Shan and I and the family had no breaks at all this year, so it was really important for us at the end of another torrid election campaign to actually spend some time together, and we’ve done that,” says Mr Brown.

“It was time for a break, and that we needed to have a little bit of a chill out. And also look, in amongst that I have continued to do the work that I needed to do.”

That was odd. When the affair story broke Brown said it was a very busy and important time as mayor, but now he says it was an important time to take a family break.

Could there be more damaging revelations concerning his private life yet to be revealed? When asked this morning, Mr Brown didn’t flatly deny it.

“I’m not going to get into any of that… It’s a question that is between myself and my wife, and we are working on our relationship, getting over a difficult situation as you might imagine with my family. And that’s what my answer to that will be – that is a family matter between myself and my wife.”

But not everyone agrees that it is just a family matter. The affair was conducted at least in part at the council offices with someone Brown met through the council and who he used for council related meetings. There is also an outstanding accusation Brown helped Bevan Chuang get a council job.

Family affairs may be a major distraction to Brown, and he can’t separate family from work entirely on this.

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  1. Thew lively Brown I have seen has been destroyed by political motives and that I find quite disturbing. We all know that a code of conduct is expected – but such fallouts are highly soul-destroying for everyone.

    • Darryl

       /  29th October 2013

      Quentin, Len Brown created his own scandal. He has no one to blame but himself. He would be best to stand aside. People will not forget this.

  2. Exactly my point – no one wins in this – I think he should resign too – it’s more about trust than anything


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