Like a ‘Brownshirt’?

It’s amazing what you can be accused of in the blogosphere. Here is one of the more unusual for me.

The likes of Cam Slater, David Farrar, Brett Dale, John Key, Jami-lee Ross, Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith, Lucia maria (she also want to see the gays exterminated), Colin Craig, John Banks, Simon Bridges, Bob McCroskie, Gosman, Fisiani, Santi, Grumpy, Matthew Hooton Monique Angel, Pete George and all others that I have left off my list (sorry, will be here all night), are to trade unionists what the SA brownshirts were to the Jews in 1930′s Germany, common thugs who see those who belong to a trade unions (along with homosexuals) as vermin to be exterminated in a Final Solution.

Get ready folks, post 2014 we will see trade unionists streaming through our court system when National make joining a trade union to be a crime, and the PPTA outlawed in our schools.

Slavery, here we come.

That’s extreme nonsense. I can only speak for myself but I have no problem with people who choose to belong to unions, it’s entirely up to them.

And it’s very ironic that ‘millsy’ is accusing others of being thugs, he regularly displays thuggishness at The Standard – to the extent that he recently copped a short ban at the Standard for proposing violence again.

millsy 21.2


[lprent: Ban for 2 weeks for advocating violence (again) ]

It usually has to be extraordinarily bad for a pro-union regular to be disciplined and deleted at The Standard.

I campaign against violence, ‘millsy’ has a record of promoting it based on ideology. It’s surprising any union would want any association with him.

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