Bradbury versus Police – against the tide

There’s been a big show of social media support for Martin Bradbury’s right to free speech after police asked him to take down a poster that was highly critical of the police.

Bradbury’s poster suggested that the police recruit people who want to rape with impunity.

See: BREAKING: Police threaten Daily Blog editor with 6months imprisonment & $5000 fine for parodying their Roast Buster Rape inaction

And The Standard in support (with the offending/offensive poster): Perhaps the NZ Police should do their frigging job properly!

I support free speech in general, and I have serious concerns about how the police have handled the Roast Busters cases, but I didn’t join the protest because I thought Bradbury’s poster was overly offensive and unfair on many Police.

Some in the police may not take the crime of rape seriously enough but I am fairly sure many do. It is a very difficult crime to deal with and I have faith that many police officers do their best with it.

Police management certainly deserve scrutiny over this, and the way the Roast Busters cases have been handled deserves scrutiny, but that doesn’t justify depicting all in the police force as protected rapists and enablers.

A stink Bomber won’t help.

So I’m protesting against the tide, I think the offensiveness of Bradbury’s post went too far and didn’t deserve to be supported.

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  1. I haven’t seen the poster but I too would be concerned. The Police are only human after all. Each hiccup they get is a sore lesson learnt.

  2. lolitas brother

     /  8th November 2013

    Bradbury is a hysterical nutcase.He also stated in delirium at the Labour Conference that Cunliffe was turning blood into water. Len must be thanking his Gods for release from the crazy lunch mob. I didn”t read the reports on the Roast Busters too much, but is it rape if you have sex with persons who have been drinking. Do we have statutory rape in this country.
    I looked it up and there is underage sex, but it wasn’t called rape.

  3. lolitas brother

     /  8th November 2013

    The poster was reprinted by crazy angry Lprent on the Standfard , but it will be down now.
    It just says ” we are going to do something about these boy rapists.. we are going to recruit them. “


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