Serious questions for Russel Norman

Green MP Jan Logie has got the attention she may have been seeking on a “fact-finding” Sri Lanka trip – Green MP has passport seized in Sri Lanka

Ms Logie and Ms Rhiannon have been in Sri Lanka trying to find out about alleged human rights abuses.

Green MP Jan Logie is on her way home to New Zealand after being detained during a trip to Sri Lanka.

Ms Logie and Australian Green Senator Lee Rhiannon were in Sri Lanka on a fact-finding trip ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) when their passports were seized.

The trip was scheduled to end on Sunday but at a meeting ahead of a scheduled press conference, four immigration officials took their passports and accused them of violating the Immigration Act.

Logie’s party co-leader contribues to the campaign –@RusselNorman 

Indian PM now boycotting Sri Lankan CHOGM along with Canadian PM due to massive human rights abuses. We should boycott too.

Norman has been prominent protesting against other countries in the past – see Russel Norman: Personal Explanation on Tibet Protest of 18 June 2010:

Last Friday, in the lead up to the arrival of the Chinese Vice President, I held up a Tibetan flag at the bottom of the steps in front of parliament.

My purpose was to draw attention to the shocking human rights abuses suffered by the Tibetan people under Chinese Communist Party Government occupation of their country, in line with this parliament’s long and honourable tradition of speaking out to protect human rights.

This raises important hypothetical questions.

If Greens get a good election result and form a coalition with Labour with Norman as Deputy Prime Minister which counties would Norman boycott and protest against?

Could Norman carry out his responsibilities as Acting Prime Minister?

I asked Norman the first of those questions on Twitter. As yet he has not responded.

It’s difficult to see how Norman could act as a Deputy Prime Minister, or support a normally functioning Government without having serious differences with it on foreign affairs and trade.

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  1. Darryl

     /  11th November 2013

    Agree with you 100% Pete. Well said.

  2. Well said but not surprised you haven’t had an answer .

  3. good question. I am rather nervous about a Green MP being in any high level position because as I specialise in foreign policy and if they were to pounce around like immature gorillas then it will show New Zealand as being a crackpot nation. Not on my watch ever.


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