Mandatory Parental Control

In a 3 News interview  Colin Craig said  he wants to “make parental control mandatory in terms of internet access” – Key lines up deal with Colin Craig. He didn’t give details or say how that might be possible, but it seems to be an odd aim.

I don’t know if Craig understands how the Internet operates and how difficult controls are. Making parental mandatory? Whether via software or supervision that is not just impractical, it’s virtually impossible.

Is Craig naive? Or is he trying to attract naive voters? He has been targeting the NZ First demographic, many pensioners may not be very net aware so he might convince some he can close a barn door after the horses bolted a decade ago.


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  1. Making mandatory supervision of internet access will not work. It will bred very serious levels of mistrust; parents will end being suspicious of their kids and kids will be more suspicious of their parents. Distrust is not exactly a great moral from a Christian Conservative is it??

    • Darryl

       /  12th November 2013

      Your right, one doesn’t want to infest Distrust, that will make young one more secretive. Keep it out in the open. Mind you the Internet is a parlour for discourse.


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