Blog snobbery

New Zealand has a very diverse blogosphere, with a wide variety of bloggers. There can be a lot of crossover, co-operation – and also a lot of competitiveness.

A topic that is often discussed is the popularity and ranking of blogs. It often displays bragging and jealousy.

Russell Brown has been around for a while and also does a bit in more old fashioned media. He seems to sneer down his fingers at riff raff blogs (and riff raff Twitterers).

In How a thing happens he posts:

Martyn Bradbury wrote a blog post yesterday about why the campaign to invite major Radio Live advertisers to consider their position in light of Willie and JT’s abysmal on-air conduct was a success. In theorising that the advertisers mistook Giovanni Tiso for Whaleoil, Bradbury gets it spectacularly, but tellingly, wrong.

It’s not uncommon for Bradbury to get things wrong. Tiso’s RadioLive advertiser campaign had little if anything to do with Whale Oil. Or blogging – he did it by direct contact via email, and publicised it in Twitter.

Tiso showed that one person can quietly and politely campaign on an issue and get very significant results.

Bradbury is also chalk to Tiso’s cheese – or more like LOOKATMECHALK!!! He not only talks (shouts) himself up, he also sneers down his keyboard at lesser bloggers.

I doubt however many of the advertisers contacted by blogger Giovanni Tiso had heard of his unranked blog or had read it much, I imagine what most Coms people heard when contacted was ‘Blogger’ and that immediately sparked a horror set of flashing visions of Cameron Slater slowly torturing their brand for months on end.

Bradbury tortures the left-wing brand all the time, but that’s beside the point here. He also massively dissed Tiso’s ‘unranked blog’ and implied it wasn’t read much.

Robyn Gallagher commented on this:

An unranked blog! This sounds so cool, like Giovanni is living outside the law. I knew that this blog ranking site existed, but I had no inkling that being a “ranked blog” was a thing.

I can’t work out what significance being a ranked blog has. Even my blog would, er, outrank about half the others on the list. All it would indicate is that I’ve put some naff visitor tracking code on my site.

Brown discussed the blog rankers.

In defence of Open Parachute’s blog table, it is what it is. Ken Perrott compiles two basic stats – number of visits and number of pages – from people who have their sitemeters set to public, and who have generally let him know they’re doing so.

I’d far rather have a simple, consistent measure than place my faith in something like the Tumeke blog rankings, which take a bunch of Alexa woo and combine it with some made-up criteria. 

There are other ways of measuring the way blogs engage and influence their readers, but I don’t think they invalidate the simple measures.

He concludes:

The thing is for me: why would I want to be in a league table that implied Whale and I had common cause or were doing the same thing? Our current traffic would put us in fourth place on page impressions, but I don’t want to be in a table with Whaleoil, Kiwiblog, The Standard and The Daily Blog.

Who would want to be listed alongside the riff raff blogs? Quite a lot of people, there’s hundreds who choose to be ranked.

But Russell seems to see himself as in a different league altogether. I wonder if there’s a table that ranks blog snobs?

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