Labour-Green-Conservative coalition?

Colin Craig says he will work with any parties on common policies.

One of Craig’s biggest policies is to have binding referenda. And he wants to roll back the ‘anti-smacking’ law.

Craig also opposes the asset sales. It would follow that should the upcoming referendum vote against asset sales then Craig would support the Greens in rolling back the asset sales. And rolling back the convention centre?

We could end up with a Conservative-Labour-Green government, especially if the CCCP get’s in at the expense of NZ First – if they can work out their clash on the smacking law.

Craig will at least promote binding referenda so we can have Government by party political agenda petitions and referenda.


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  1. lofty ideals – but will he have the majority votes to support such programs? I don’t think so.

  2. Cato

     /  13th November 2013

    I highly doubt that any self-respecting politician running on a platform of social conservatism would ever enter into a deal for confidence and supply to a social engineering Labour government. That would be a betrayal of principle, don’t you agree?

  3. Cato

     /  13th November 2013

    Why does Peter George just have such a disproportionate obsession with the Conservatives?

    • Disproportionate to what? Do you think they should get 2.7% of my attention this week?

      You may not have noticed but Colin Craig and the Conservatives have been very prominent in political news over that past two weeks. They are likely to be a significant factor in our politics over the next year.

      Why does Cato seem to have a disproportionate obsession with Pete George?

      • Cato

         /  13th November 2013

        Maybe I’m just really interested in your political thoughts. You’re the one putting them out there. It just seems weird that you have approached them with such unqualified derision – I don’t like ’em either, but they’re clearly playing to a market where there’s demand.

        • It’s not ‘unqualified derision’. I have said a number of times I would be happy to have them in the mix if they get enough votes – and I’ve also said if the MMP threshold had been lowered as it should have been then CCCP would have a better chance of representing their voters.

          They’re putting themselves out there, they could change the shape of our politics, I think we should be examining them and what they stand for. So I do.

        • Cato

           /  13th November 2013

          Yeah – fair call.


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