With Greens or a denialist

Greens have started a campaign of dissing National (and CCCP) as denialists on climate change, and any one else unless you totally agree with their ideology.

It is embarrassing that the NZ national Party which currently controls the NZ govt doesnt accept the science of climate change

the ‘maybe climate change is happening but is it man-made?’ line is just a proxy for denialism, like ‘intelligent design’ is for creationism

Nats climate denialism is at least consistent w their obsessive promotion of fossil fuels, sadly also consistent w climate disaster

Hamish Rutherford ‏@oneforthedr
Bill English said clearly that humans had some impact on climate change. Didn’t make cut for TV

Clint Smith ‏@ClintVSmith
yeah, outright denial is no longer plausible, so they’ve moved to a wishy-washy ‘but how much is man-made’ line as a proxy

What? How much is man-made versus how much is natural variations is part of the science. Surely?

Science clear that man-made is massive compared to natural cycles. Ur just making excuses for inaction

Not making excuses, querying your excuse to promote an ideology. Massive? Really? Over what period?

Get a clue pete, ffs. read the science and stop making excuses.

In typical Green fashion they are saying that unless you back their stance 100% you are in denial.

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