These two want to be the pilots?

David Cunliffe and Russel Norman have been trashing the share sell-down of Air New Zealand. It’s not clear if they are just trashing National and don’t care about collateral damage to financial returns from the sell-down, or whether they are trying to directly trash the share sell-down as well.

They will be aware that Labour and Green scare tactics adversely and substantially affected the returns from selling shares in Mighty River  Power and Meridean, so it appears as if they are knowingly doing something that may reduce the amount of money the Government will get from the sell-down.

Cunliffe and Norman appear to put their political ambitions ahead of the good of the country. They know their actions won’t stop the share sales, it will just reduce the return to taxpayers.

NZ Herald’s Emmerson:

It’s an odd way to try to convince voters they should be pilot and co-pilot of the plane.

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  1. Darryl

     /  19th November 2013

    Cunliffe and Norman, are destructive misfits in society with limited brains. Horrible revolting men.


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