Cunliffe “mind-bending commercial ignorance”

Lawyer Alex Masterly comments on David Cunliffe’s promise to get corporates to pay compensation to Pike River families.

Mr Cunliffe’s comments are astonishing. They display mind-bending commercial ignorance. He really needs to read a case called Fitzgerald v Muldoon which talks about the powers of Prime Ministers.

Statements like these which attack the essential basis for commerce in this country will make foreign investment avoid New Zealand.

How he proposes to get shareholders to meet a moral obligation is beyond me. I didn’t know owning shares imposed a moral obligation on an owner.

Assuming the worst comes to the worst and Mr Cunliffe becomes PM, how will he have dinner with the shareholders which range from small retail investors to entities like the NZ Superfund, ACC NZOG and offshore investment companies. Is he going to pick and choose or will he simply book out the cake tin for dinner for all.

If a Cunliffe Government thought it had a moral obligation to pay Pike River compensation would they also apply this moral standard to the Panmure RSA victims? The Christchurch Earthquake victims? Any victims killed at work?

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