McCarten’s MP rankings

In his Sunday Herald column Matt McCarten ranks MPs in Battle of the egos in seat reshuffle.

  • The MPs who win marginal seats rank highest in status
  • Followed by the other electorate MPs
  • List MPs from the Greens and NZ First, which got over the 5 per cent threshold, deserve their legitimacy.
  • But list MPs from the two main parties are just voting fodder.
  • And list MPs who should have won an electorate seat but didn’t have an unspoken pariah status for letting the team down.
  • Maybe the lowest rated are the small-party MPs gifted their seats by National in the hope they’d bring at least one other MP, but who then didn’t deliver. Their self-important strutting irritates everybody.

Why do some list MPs deserve legitimacy and others don’t? That seems inconsistent.

But the most bizarre thing about this is McCarten’s lowest of the low MPs – like John Banks and to a lesser extent Peter Dunne. Banks was not expected to win so his chances were marginal, as were Dunne’s. McCarten may taking them out of his top rank and trashing them at the bottom based on nothing other than his dismay at which major party they happen to be in coalition with.

McCarten has been heavily involved with a number of parties, including the Alliance and Maori parties and now Mana. Mana are trying to work together with the Maori Party to help both their chances. Would Mana turn down assistance from Labour in tactical electorate arrangements?

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