Colin Craig on chemtrails

3 News showed a response from Colin Craig about the chemtrail conspiracy:

I take an undecided stand on anything where I don’t have evidence for or against.

Presumably they got the topic off the Conservative Party website “Ask Colin”:

What is your position on chemtrails?

Our Party has no formal position on chemtrails.

I am aware of the theory that chemicals are being released at high altitude for some nefarious purpose but don’t know whether there is any truth in this or not.

Even if it clearly sounds loony? And a quick bit of research would provide sufficient evidence.

How Stuff Works: What are chemtrails, and should you be scared of them?

Wikipedia: Chemtrail conspiracy theory

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  1. Brown

     /  27th November 2013

    Even the chem trail believers clearly distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. I have no idea whether there is a chemtrail issue but if you believe anything because a man in a white coat, Wikipedia or the govt say its true you are a fool. History has proven govts to be compulsive liars and quite happy to sacrifice citizens under the wheels of stupid causes.

    Craig’s answer is honest and reasoned – admitting not to know, reserving a position and having no policy (presumably because its not perceived to be required) is usually better than being wrong.

    • He could say “It sounds like bollocks but if there is evidence to the contrary I would change my view”.

      He’s already taken the “no evidence so won’t state a position” on creation, so the chemtrail response leaves him open to the perception that he just doesn’t want to admit a position he thinks could be unpopular or ridiculed.

  2. Brown

     /  27th November 2013

    I guess he could be like the progressives and say that civil unions were enough and there’s no plans to allow gay marriage while planning gay marriage and adoption through the back door (sorry, no pun intened). Because the progressives are a more comfortable fit for you doesn’t make Craig worse or even different although I don’t perceive him as manipulative. He’s not always going to say what you or I like but I’m happy for him to have his own view on creation, chemtrails and anything else. Having watched the warmists and the UN manipulate the world for years it seems like no great stretch to think that they would be happy to fix the worlds problems as they saw fit without consultation. Craig seems positively benign in comparison. Anyway, tomorrow the sun will come up etc…

  3. Darryl

     /  28th November 2013

    I find Colin Craig, quite refreshing to listen too.

  4. I would be concerned if an individual representing a political party starts the habit of not having a firm position on anything because that means they are not serious enough to commit to formally positioning themselves politically. Besides Christianising policy is not healthy either.

  5. Aran

     /  28th November 2013

    just because it sounds looney, does not mean it is not true! im sure plenty of our forefathers were persecuted for thinking “maybe the world is round” obviously not having the evidence otherwise. well done Brown I think you have hit the nail on the head. should anyone take a side and /or take the time to search for evidence on an issue that is out of leftfield? its a shame the question asked was not “do you think NZs media has the ability to just report facts without infecting their opinion?”

  6. Brown

     /  29th November 2013

    I see this crap featured on the radio again today. Maybe if sensible questions got asked by sensible people you’d get sensible answers about sensibly debatable issues. This is nothing more than the MSM trying to paint a conservative into a lunatic corner. If they had ethics they would be ashamed. I’m starting to hope he gets a decent chunk of the vote, holds the balance of power and stymies the progressive agenda.

    • Darryl

       /  30th November 2013

      Me too.

    • What does MSM stand for? I am getting tired of pointless crap being regurgitated as well But not going to support the idea that the Conservatives should get a “decent chunk of votes” -however I would if it gets rid of the following parties: NZFirst, ACT, Greens 🙂

  7. Shirley Marshall

     /  1st December 2013

    What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell

    So whose nutty Sean Plunket or a Neurosurgeon with a PHD?

    • Milly

       /  12th December 2013

      How do you know he has a Ph.D? He sounds intelligent and speaks well but to stand up to criticism you must bear you credentials.

  8. ReRe

     /  2nd December 2013

    thanks Shirlely – if you notice things are not right (there are patents for this by the military – check out weathermodifcation inc. who is cloud seeding WORLDWISE) — you are called a nutter or conspiracy theorist, but the fact is — at least people are concerned about this. So if you are paying attention, and not distracted by the fake news – somehow calling names is supposed to shut you up….NOT. There are a lot more people awake than not.


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