Believing Winston Peters is like believing in Santa

The Privileges Committee report has slammed the David Henry inquiry into who leaked the Kitteridge Report – and despite overreaching and seeking and obtaining information in a “totally unacceptable” manner the henry Inquiry failed to find evidence on who leaked the report.

Winston Peters became involved when he accused Peter Dunne of leaking the report under protection of Parliament. After Dunne resigned Peters maintained his attacks, accusing Dunne publicly and making salacious insinuations about Andrea Vance.

Despite insisting he had evidence Peters eventually had to concede he had none.

Peters has resumed his accusations via Twitter and through a media release.

Privileges committee report ‘no comfort for Dunne’

Rt Hon Winston Peters says the Privileges Committee report on the Henry Inquiry again points the finger at Peter Dunne for leaking the Kitteridge report into the Government Communication Security Bureau.

Mr Peters says it is truly astonishing that Mr Dunne is deluded into thinking he has been absolved of any responsibility for leaking classified material.

“Two wrongs have never made a right. Of course Henry botched the inquiry and we said that the moment he was appointed.

It’s nonsensical claiming to have known the inquiry was botched before it had even started.

“The privileges committee inquiry into the Henry inquiry processes, or rather lack of them, in no way excuses Peter Dunne from his serious guilt as a serial leaker with a number of cases taken to the media from the security intelligence committee, which he was a member of.”

Serious allegations repeated by Peters. He has never produced any evidence to back up his claims.

Mr Peters says the whole affair has been a shambles and reflects poorly on both Peter Dunne and the Prime Minister who tried to organise a snow job.

Peters tried to organise a political hit job, and he is trying to resume his baseless attack. That reflects very poorly on him.

“The Henry inquiry was incompetent and the privileges committee inquiry terms of reference specifically ruled out getting to the truth of the matter.

“The Prime Minister is very foolish to even consider reinstating Peter Dunne as a minister in future.

“To do that without being certain no other information exists around Mr Dunne as the leaker shows a dangerous lack of judgement.

That’s highly hypocritical. Peters leaked information about the Henry Inquiry. Peters is a serial leaker. Does that mean any Prime Minister or prospective coalition partner would show a dangerous lack of judgement if they considered working with Peters?

“What will the Prime Minister say when more comes out?” asks Mr Peters.

The Prime Minister would probably faint with shock if Peters actually fronted up with evidence to support his accusations.

Peters is discredited as a leaker. He makes serious accusations, often under Parliamentary privilege, and fails to back up his bluster with evidence. Time and time again.

With a continued lack of evidence I think that Peters looks like he is making things up. That’s lying. Unless he really hopes that ‘more comes out’ of his Christmas stocking.

Believing Winston Peters is like believing in Santa, except that Santa is a jolly old fellow.


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  1. Darryl

     /  4th December 2013

    How true. LOL.

  2. I suspect Winston likes his Whiskey way too much!! Sad…

  3. Last time I voted NZ First because I could afford to. We knew there would be NZ Nat Government.
    On the face of it, voting for a party whose policy(s) you agree with is the thing to do.
    But it is not necessarily the thing to do.
    In 2014 we will have either NZ Nat Government or a Labour socialist government ,
    We need to know who we are voting for.
    I don’t care about NZ First policy that can not be enacted
    Greens wallowing with destructive idiots like Martyn Bradbury and the manic street preachers.
    A Labour Green Government would see a collapse in our international integrity and currency.
    Some [ like Winston Peters ] say it would be a good thing if our currency dropped.
    Yes that’s right, tell me a joke about Spain and Greece and Portugal and Romania.
    Tell me why Australians and Canadians and Germans are so poor.
    Recently I read on the socialist propaganda blog , the Standard,
    that the NZ Frist party feels well equipped to work with Green.
    Grey power is now dominated by left wing thinking.
    There is no room left for any centre or centre right person to vote NZ First.
    It would be an abrogation of responsibility.
    I am a member of NZ First, I hope that all the centre right voters like me will go across to Conservative, or anywhere away from NZ First
    NZ First is finished
    I hope they rescind my membership.. I will print this on their site.

    • Brave words Paul. I caution you to think before choosing Conservative Party. They are like moral Santas if elected will get burnt by the brutal reality of having to compromise on issues to achieve what they want. Can I suggest UnitedFuture? There record of achievement is amazing.


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