Ambrose suing Key for $1.25 million

Bradley Ambrose is suing John Key for defamation:

Mr Key’s lawyer Peter Kiely confirmed to NZ Newswire that he has received defamation proceedings filed by Bradley Ambrose.

“Mr Key is and will be defending the alleged defamation,” Mr Kiely said.

Mr Key is being sued for $1.25 million, Mr Kiely said.

That would be an expensive cup of tea. It almost cost Key the election. It could cost him considerable inconvenience and dollars, even if nothing is awarded against him.

A comment at Kiwiblog:

So Ambrose waits 2 years then starts to make noise a year out from an election….

Exactly what I thought – a long time for him to decide if his feelings where hurt or not. Looks very political. I wonder if Ambrose is funding this himself.

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  1. duperez

     /  6th December 2013

    “Looks very political.”
    Well I never. How strange is that!

  2. Darryl

     /  7th December 2013

    LOL, what a nut. He new exactly what he was doing leaving his recording equipment on the table.

  3. Strange. Strange. Strange. My Emergency Management Panadol Supply will be running out quicker as the headaches start coming on.


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