Key must attend Mandela’s funeral

As announced Prime Minister of  John Key must represent New Zealand at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. It would be an insult to Mandela and to South Africa if he didn’t.

PM to attend Mandela’s funeral

Prime Minister John Key has confirmed he will attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa.

“Nelson Mandela was an inspirational leader, and a remarkable man.

“On behalf of the New Zealand people and the Government, I would like to express my sincere condolences to both his family and all South Africans,” he said.

“For years he symbolised South Africa’s hope for a future free from apartheid.

“Mr Mandela was a force for change, not only in South Africa, but around the world.

“In his time as president he helped South Africa come to terms with its past, and, through reconciliation, built the foundations for a stronger nation,” Mr Key said.

A delegation headed by the prime minister will represent New Zealand at the funeral.

@jofromgreylynn kicked off some twittering about this yesterday:

The man who can’t remember how he felt about the Springbok tour protests is going to Mandela’s funeral. He should be paying for Hone to go.

This was supported and criticised, and defended:

dude, that’s not an attack, its a statement of fact. Or has he recovered his memory?

A more pragmatic approach was suggested by Finlay Macdonald@MacFinlay 

If Key is going to Mandela’s funeral he should at least be accompanied by the surviving leaders of the early “No Maori No Tour” movement.

Duncan Garner suggested similar;y – @Garner_Live 

Should the PM take John Minto and Trevor Richards in his delegation to Mandela’s funeral? I say yes. Your thoughts?

@jofromgreylynn changed tack and backed this:

I believe the PM should be taking a number of people active in the anti apartheid movement to Mandela’s funeral.

Garner put it to John Key on RadioLive:

PM considering taking Minto/Richards to Africa for Mandela’s funeral. @RadioLIVENZ Drive

So they could be included in the delegation. That would be far better than re-litigating apartheid divisions.


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  1. We have had some good games of rugby with the South Africans and have helped them become a better nation. I don’t think it matters who actually goes with the PM – the fact he is going – is a good honest move.

  2. Brown

     /  7th December 2013

    The flip side is that we have lots of SA’cans here because SA is approaching basket case.status like other parts of Africa. That doesn’t excuse the old days where blacks were treated like dirt but I don’t care if Key goes or not.


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