Street clarifies aid money question

On Thursday Radio New Zealand reported that Maryan Street, Labour’s associate foreign affairs spokesperson, was critical of the Government campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Labour criticises UN bid as Shearer lobbies for support

The Labour Party has criticised the Government’s UN Security Council campaign at the same time as its foreign affairs spokesperson David Shearer is in New York lobbying for support.

I posted on this yesterday – Labour foreign affairs disconnect.

Maryan Street has responded to that:

I didn’t criticise the SC bid. I support it. I think Shearer is doing good work in NY right now.

What I did ask, in case you are interested in the facts, was whether or not there was a firewall between our disbursement of foreign aid and the SC bid campaign. In other words, has McCully been using aid money to lubricate our SC bid. A legitimate question.

John Allen said no, he hasn’t. Good answer.

Radio NZ reported it as criticism and it could be seen as a dig at McCully and raises an issue that wouldn’t help the bid Street makes it clear she accepts Allen’s assurance that it isn’t happening.

Street also makes it clear that she supports what Shearer is doing and supports the Security Council bid.

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