Minto attacked Mandela in 1995?

John Minto has been openly critical of post-Mandela governmet in South Africa and it

There’s been a lot of comment in the leftie blogosphere about whether John Minto should be in New Zealand’s official delegation to Nelson Mandela’s funeral, due to Minto being a prominent anti apartheid and anti Springbok tour activist.

There’s even a Petition To Support John Minto’s Attendance At Mandela’s Funeral but keep in mind that that is being promoted by the Mana Party  orientated blog The Daily Post (where Minto is an author).

John Key says the delegation is appropriate but David Cunliffe thought Minto should have been included.

PM says delegation for Mandela service has the right mix

John Key will lead a small delegation to South Africa that will include Labour leader David Cunliffe, former Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Don McKinnon, former Prime Minister Jim Bolger and Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.

Mr Cunliffe has suggested Mr Minto should have been part of the delegation but John Key says the labour leader never raised the matter with him.

Cunliffe doesn’t say if he would have offered Minto his place.

Pita Sharples says he protested in 1981, he will represent protesters at Mandela funeral in Minto’s absence.

Danyl at Dim-Post adds  Being on the wrong side of history is awkward:

If Key takes John Minto to Mandela’s funeral it means swallowing the gigantic rat that Minto – who they regard as the epitome of left-wing idiocy – was completely right, and the National Party was completely wrong. So no trip for Minto.

A comment from ‘Dave’ is critical of a claimed Minto attack on Mandela when he was in New Zealand in 1995:

I was at St Matthews in the City in 1995 when Mandela went there (during his CHOGM visit) to meet the 1981 protesters. Minto berated him for not introducing communism to South Africa and attacked him for allowing capitalist companies to stay in business. A near-speechless Mandela responded: “But who do you think will employ our people?”

Until that moment I had thought Minto was an anti-racist of high principles. I then realised he was an extreme Marxist.

Minto also refused a South African honour from Mandela’s successor, attacking South Africa for retaining capitalism.

And ‘several other comments:

“Minto is on record as being strongly opposed to the contemporary South African government, ironically.”

“Minto has a history of failing to recognise the difference between ‘solemn formal occasion’ and ‘political protest’. “

“Who actually thinks he wouldn’t do something overtly political if he was over there?”

Dim-Post is a generally left/Green leaning blog.

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  1. Brown

     /  9th December 2013

    Long before I knew her my wife encountered Minto in the Dungeon Bar in Wellington while with her fiancee aqnd other male friends. She can’t recall what he said to her (its a long time passed) but male colleagues came to her rescue, pushed him away and told her to keep one of them between herself and Minto at all times. She never forgot the warning or the self formed impression that he was a nasty piece of work. Nothing seems to have changed.

  2. Cunliffe’s suggestion that Minto should be taken to South Africa, very sensibly omitted any suggestion that he should be brought back.


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