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Max Coyle has attracted social media attention again after telling Judith Collins via Twitter to “Go kill yourself you despicable human” after she commented on a Whale Oil post where Coyle was shown to be wishing death on three Young Nats.

Coyle drew attention to himself during the 2011 election campaign when it was found he had trumped up a story in the Waikato Times using his wife as a sympathy subject without revealing he was a Green electorate candidate. He withdrew his candidacy.

Max Coyle stands down

Green Party candidate Max Coyle has stood down as Hamilton West candidate after admitting misleading theWaikato Times.

Hamilton Green Party spokesman Mark Servian said Mr Coyle had agreed to step down “in the light of things that have occurred”.

Mr Coyle’s partner, Melissa Campbell, appeared in a story in the newspaper on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions but she did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

“He is still going to continue his role in the Green Party in a voluntary capacity,” Mr Servian said.

He was not on the Green Party list of 61 candidates.

In July Coyle was coordinating the Stop the GCSB Bill national protests and was admin on the Stop The GCSB Bill Facebook page.

The latest attention started on Facebook with comments about a photo of three Young Nats (first posted by NZ First board member Curwen Rolinson).

Young National party members including high flying Brittany Raleigh on the far right hand side. It’s always refreshing when these nasty people show their true colours
Max Dillon Coyle A bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes

That prompted a post on Whale Oil – – Former Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats.

Judith Collins commented on this on Twitter, where Coyle responded.

Judith Collins @JudithCollinsMP

So this is our Far Left RT Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats

@JudithCollinsMP And the hideous old ones too, after a trial on charges of treason of course. Go kill yourself you despicable human.

Coyle was criticised on Twitter but was unrepentant.


Green party candidate wants to execute female Young Nats


@Whaleoil Actually every National member, after trial on charges of social, economic and environmental treason. FYI I’m not with the Greens

Coyle wasn’t backing off last night.

@NeilJamesMiller @dpfdpf @JudithCollinsMP Thankyou Neil. Hey Farrar, the world would be better off without you in it too. You lot ruin NZ

Keep up the fine work Max. You are a shining beacon of humanity.

Ill keep up my work till yours ends. I have a planet, a country and people to think about, not profit and pillage

Oh yes you are a saint. You advocate killing people as you care about the the planet. That makes it all ok.

Brenda Wallace ‏@BR3NDA
@MaxDCoyle dude. Stop.

No. I’m sick of our country being destroyed for a quick buck, of every divisive and unethical policy the Nats rush through. Treason

But Greens distance themselves.

Jack McDonald ‏@tautokai
@southernlimitnz @dpfdpf @MaxDCoyle @JudithCollinsMP he’s not a Green candidate, not sure if he’s a member anymore either

I’ve just been told he isn’t a member anymore. I’m glad that he isn’t. Hateful comments.

It should be pointed out that comments similar to Coyle’s are posted in other social media too, it just happens that he is not anonymous and is known to have had connections to a party. Targeting an MP is sure to attract more attention too.

Meanwhile Coyle continues attacking and defending on Facebook and on Twitter:


Remember how thousands of us were telling Judith Collins to go kill herself in protest at her passing draconian..

And proud of it…

Remember how thousands of us were telling Judith Collins to go kill herself in protest at her passing draconian big brother internet clampdown laws? Finally we’ve made some headlines with it!

They go on to indicate they seem to think it’s a matter of free speech.

They don’t seem to comprehend the difference between criticism and abuse.

Extreme activists can draw attention to themselves but the alienate themselves from any chance of having any meaningful input into politics or governance.

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  1. Disturbing individual.

  2. Thankyou for continuing to publicise my comments so more people can see this fascist big brother state for what it is. Every time you right right wing nut jobs pick up on what I say I gain even more followers, friends and messages of support. My inbox has been filled with people backing me up, and turning their minds and hearts against this government and sending messages of support. Cheers!

    • You sound more fascist than any politicians here – fortunately despite your ‘even more followers’ I don’t think we are exactly under threat beyond your bluster.

  3. Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams

    Greens comm director makes special visit to the gallery to distance the party from Max Coyle.

  4. Get some help before all this anger consumes you Max. Inciting suicide really is the pits.


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