Labour and Greens pledge binding CIR

Labour leader David Cunliffe and Green co-leader Russel Norman have pledged to abide by any results of Citizen Initiated Referenda.  They said this is consistent with their stance on demanding that National abide by the will of the people expressed in the asset sale referendum.

When pointed out that this would align them with the Crazy Colin Craig Party and that it could make Parliament a farce they said the principle was too important to be concerned about that.

Cunliffe and Norman said that if any petition for a CIR opposed any bills put forward by a Labour-Green government they would put the bill on hold for 12 months pending the result of the petition and if a referendum was initiated they would wait for the outcome of that before putting the bill to debate and votes in Parliament.


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  1. Goldie

     /  14th December 2013

    Greens-Labour continue to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

    The Greens-Labour policy would make government impossible. If Cunliffe-Norman got elected and put this in place, then all National would have to do is find a popular petition subject (such as “do you think kiwi workers should pay less tax?” or “do you think every worker should receive a $1000 tax credit?”), and Greens-Labour would not be able to pass its budget (as the Bill would have to be put on hold for 12 months).

    Have Greens-Labour thought this through? A lot of major legislation has passed in the past that is much more socially liberal than public opinion – homosexual law reform, civil unions, stopping smacking children, Treaty settlements and a lot of Treaty legislation… What the Greens-Labour propose would stop any future socially liberal laws from passing. Idiots.

  2. Brown

     /  15th December 2013

    Imagine what would still be illegal that the left believed in and did this before. Maybe we have reached a point where the UN can just do what they want because we have already ceded sovereignty without being asked. Its either vote chasing shallow bullshit or we are already lost.


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