Brown criticised left, right and centre

Auckland mayor Len Brown is being criticised from left, right and centre, with little support. The pressure is growing on the city councillors to take a strong stand because it looks like the mayor refuses to take responsibility.

3 News – ‘Disappointed’ councillors to question Brown

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is expected to face tough questioning today when he meets with his councillors to discuss his extra-marital affair with Bevan Chuang. 

A special meeting is taking place to enable councillors to question Mr Brown ahead of a full council meeting on Thursday.

RadioLive – AUDIO: Why Len Brown has to go – Duncan Garner

RadioLIVE audio – Ak Councillor Dick Quax slams his Mayor Len Brown @Garner_Live—wont-rule-out-vote-of-no-confidence/tabid/506/articleID/39648/Default.aspx

Fran O’Sullivan at NZ Herald – Compromised mayor has to be held to account

If he had any skerrick of honour left, Len Brown would by now have tendered his resignation as mayor to the people of Auckland.

It is absolutely clear that Brown has obtained multiple private benefits by virtue of his position as Mayor of Auckland.

Bernard Orsman at NZ Herald – Brown refuses to pay part of inquiry bill

Mr Brown has never apologised to the council for the two-year affair and showed little remorse on Friday when his free hotel rooms and upgrades were revealed.

Len Brown is the Mayor for SkyCity, the Mayor for undeclared freebies, Mayor for the casino, Mayor for pokies, Mayor for the pokies deal.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog – Brown must resign

Having now read the EY report commissioned by the Auckland Council Chief Executive, I believe Len Brown must resign as Mayor of Auckland. I only formed this view after reading the report, and did not believe what had previously been disclosed was substantial enough to warrant resignation.

But the report makes Clear that Len Brown publicly lied to the media and the public, and also that there were ratepayer resources used for his affair.

Danyl at Dim-Post – Thinking my way through the whole Len Brown thing

Well, my reaction to that would be that the hypothetical right-wing politician was a disgusting, corrupt untrustworthy crook and that he’d disgraced his office and should resign. Which means – since I think politicians should be held to the same standard irrespective of their political allegiances – that I think Len Brown is disgusting, corrupt etc and should resign.

Lynn Prentice at The Standard makes a few excuses but draws the line at  SkyCity: they’re toxic

The problem with the Skycity free rooms is that they happened over the same period that Skycity was lobbying both the local and central government to provide a convention centre (that many including myself think is a white elephant) in exchange for significiant increase in their ability to increase their gambling capacity. The dirty (and in my view – corrupt) deals done with the National government have been pretty well documented.

The stench of that is probably going to carry over to those three free room nights.

No Right Turn – Unacceptable

I don’t care who Len Brown fucks, and I don’t really want to know. But I do care that he maintains basic standards of integrity in public office, and that means declaring all significant gifts. Particularly when those gifts come from organisations in a position to receive favours from him or the Council. Brown has failed in that basic task. He must resign.

Repeated at The Standard with comments.

Here:  Brown a repeat cheat and liar

Whale Oil has numerous posts on Brown, daily. Recent:


Dick Quax says Len Brown is arrogant, has a sense of entitlement and must go. @RadioLIVENZ Breakfast

Quax said similar on Radio New Zealand.

@CliffJoiner01 @Garner_Live Its kinda no brainer isn’t it? No ethics no honesty no need to say more

Mayor Len Brown took a close female friend on his trip to China – not his wife. She offered unpaid services, apparently linguistic.

It wasn’t Bevan Chuang either.

David Farrar at  Kiwiblog – The costs of the Brown report

He views the report as a vindication. No one fair who reads it could see it that way.

Is it time for Len Brown to stand down? I am adamant he has to go!!

Satire from Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish – Why Len must stay

If you had been subjected to the relentless pressure Len has, you too would have cracked. You too would have had an affair with a person many years your junior, failed to declare various hotel gifts and upgrades, racked up large phone bills while pursuing the object of your infatuation, and been less than completely honest with the ratepayers of your city.

This is all part of a campaign by evil right-wingers plotting to take down a democratically elected mayor. If Len Brown steps down it will be a tragedy for democracy, and something or other about the march of fascism.

Anyway, it could be worse. Brown hasn’t (as far as I know) been filmed smoking crack.

Mike Hosking at Newstalk ZB – Len Brown needs to go

His modus operandi appears to be he’ll make any given number of mistakes, and when busted simply say sorry, offer some odd excuse, say he’s here to do a job, he’s passionate about the city, he’s determined to get trains on lines, and he’s staying. And somehow that’s good enough and we should all get back to doing whatever it was we were doing before his latest indiscretion was brought to our attention.

That’s the other bit. The culmination of the mistakes, or the cumulation if you like, makes a clown of him. You can forgive a mistake, but Brown is serial, Brown is a recidivist. He is the Rob Ford of New Zealand politics, and it’s embarrassing. The council is embarrassed. I assume his family is embarrassed. He’s like the dopey uncle at the Christmas party everyone laughs at. 

Diana Wichtel at The Listener – TV’s best and worst of 2013

It was the year of the dickhead. Even way too much information about Len Brown and the Ngati Whatua room couldn’t compete with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Tragicomedy of the Year: The Life and Times of Temuera Morrison; the life and times of Len Brown.

The Auckland Daze Award for Keeping Life One Step Ahead of Satire: Len Brown.

The Walt White Award for Improbable Secret Life: Len Brown.

Len Brown: apologised unconditionally to councillors this morning, has a great deal of work to do to rebuild trust and relationships

Statement from Mayor Len Brown

Press Release: Office of the Mayor of Auckland

16 December 2013

Statement from Mayor Len Brown

“This morning I met with Auckland Councillors to discuss the chief executive’s report into the mayoral office.

“We had a full, frank and robust discussion and I have offered a full and unconditional apology to Councillors.

“I understand the frustration and disappointment that Councillors feel. I realise that I have a good deal of work to regain their trust and rebuild our working relationships in the interests of Auckland. This is my focus, starting today.”

Another piss poor apology.

Trust lost over a number of months, a number years, cannot just be dismissed with ‘whoops, I’ll work on that in the future”.

Russell Brown at Public Address:  We need to talk about Len

Len Brown is not going to resign. He’s not legally obliged to do so and even if most of his councillors wanted him to resign – which it appears they don’t – they wouldn’t be able to make him. But his political career, if not terminally unwell, is certainly showing signs of chronic illness.

Stuff – Len Brown apologises to councillors

      Some councillors believe an oversight committee would keep a check on Brown’s powers. Unlike other mayors around the country, he has executive powers that extend to control of the council’s budget and governance, introduced with the Super City.

“There’s no oversight there at all – it’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous,” one councillor said at the weekend.

“Ideally the Government should be stepping in. Some of us are humiliated by what is happening to Auckland’s reputation and we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”   

Stuff poll:  Should Auckland mayor Len Brown quit?

  • Yes 73.2% (2633 votes)
  • No 26.8% (966 votes)

Petition – Len Brown: Resign 

We believe that Len Brown’s position as Mayor has become untenable in the light of recent revelations and that he should resign…

Currently 162 have signed.

Graeme Edgeler on how to sack Brown:

Brown won’t resign and the only way he could be made to is if he was convicted of a criminal office, which has not even been alleged.

If the Council was to adopt a resolution supporting a local bill,* that sacked him, that might work.

(*a local bill is a proposed law dealing with a local government matter that is proposed by a local authority; it is rather like a members bill, but doesn’t need to go in the ballot)

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