Douglas wants younger Act leaders

In contrast to old Act leader Don Brash’s attempts to talk older Act leader Rodney Hide to return to lead Act again Roger Douglas is looking for something new and younger.

Act needs new leadership, says Douglas

Sir Roger said a new party to fill the void left by Act would be unnecessary if the party returned immediately to its founding principles and “announces a new, younger leadership team”.

“I recommend that Act gets real and like thousands of other once-active old members, stand ready to help in the background if Act decides to move forward with a new, young generation, rather than a return to a dubious past.”

Act have a dilemma. The party’s future is reliant on holding on to Epsom, and to do that they need a (preferably) high profile candidate who can achieve that.

But to put their past differences and stuff-ups behind them they need to be seen to be doing things differently.

National voters in Epsom may be more willing to help Act survive if they see the prospects of more than just on MP making it into Parliament.

That may be best achieved by having one candidate dedicated to holding Epsom, and a different person as leader dedicated to raising the party profile and party votes nationwide.

New faces are important. Younger faces will help.

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