Quacks on Brown duck


Today’s lead is our Editorial: It’s time to go, Mayor Brown

Herald Brown

Keeping Stock@Inventory2 

After two months of sticking up for Len Brown, the Herald now calls for his head. This is hugely significant…


Brown digs in over council bid to make him pay for conduct review: Mayor Len Brown is digging in his heels and…

John Hartevelt@jhartevelt 

Fair call. Sky City stuff unfathomably dumb MT “@nzherald: Editorial: It’s time to go, Mayor Brown

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

Hmmm. This morning’s Herald editorial appears to be arguing that Len Brown going is the only way to prevent councillors doing democracy.


What’s more important to @mayorlenbrown, his own super ego to remain as mayor or his not-so-super Auckland City?


Herald’s compelling front-page editorial on Len Brown – Brown must go for the good of the Super City

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

@FranOSullivan @nzherald It’s a poor, anti-democratic argument that concludes with trite, inappropriate wordplay. Not impressed at all.


@publicaddress Funny, I didn’t notice word play. More interested Herald chose to couch argument on principle of saving the model.

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

@FranOSullivan Saving the model *from duly elected representatives* though. It’s a weird argument.

Peter McLennan@dubdotdash

That nzh editorial on why brown shd go and be replaced by candidate w similar views is a re-election pitch for John Banks as mayor. Subtle.

That’s a very strange claim. Banks is in no position to stand for mayor of Auckland.

Mrs Tweedie

@PeteDGeorge @dubdotdash NZHerald doesn’t care. They just want anyone else, preferably a Tory.

Another odd claim.


Herald calls for mayor’s resignation


“You’re a lame duck” “You’re a lame duck” “You’re a lame duck” “You’re being called a lame duck. You must go.”

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

@Inventory2 @FranOSullivan @nzherald Oh, sorry. Um, thank you! But I’m not impressed with Brown either.


Is it time for Len Brown to stand down?: An editorial in the country’s largest newspaper adds to the debate

The pressure is mounting on embattled Auckland Mayor Len Brown to call it quits.

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

The Herald’s argument that Len Brown must go or the democratically-elected councillors will win may not go down so well with councillors.


Why do media etc say public figures MUST resign rather than SHOULD? @mayorlenbrown will do whatever he wants. There is no MUST

John Drinnan@Zagzigger

Editorial: Brown must go for the good of the Super City – National – NZ Herald News

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

Todd Niall is unusually blunt on RNZ: says the Herald’s Brown-must-go editorial is strangely-timed and its logic “doesn’t really stack up”.


I get it, Herald. It’s like Auckland’s own 9/11 pic.twitter.com/z5B3NKC5Bv

Sacha Dylan@kaupapa 

Herald editorial mistaken in thinking authoritative rather than inclusive leadership is key to Auckland Council success #tina

Keeping Stock@Inventory2 

If this morning’s NZ Herald front page was designed to create a stir, it has been a spectacular success…


Herald Editorial says Brown should go

Russell Brown@publicaddress 

@kaupapa@Zagzigger He’s been able to work productively with disparate groups on council. That was the key to his first term, really.

John Drinnan@Zagzigger 

@publicaddress@kaupapa Thats his main value? Is that viable now?

Russell Brown@publicaddress

@Zagzigger@kaupapa We’ll have a better idea of that after tomorrow.

How can @nzherald claim the high ground against Brown when it runs rape apologism, endorsement of police-on-women violence & suicide boasts?

IMO Brown is a person of little integrity and an average mayor, but the mayor isn’t @nzherald‘s to choose. Do you hate democracy now too?

But seriously, it must suck for the @nzherald‘s good writers (there are many) who have to share a platform with the Daily Mail-esque shit

@MorganGodfery the argument from many is democracy requires an informed vote: Aucklanders didn’t know these things at the election.

@GraemeEdgeler@MorganGodfery people are not obliged to follow Herald – trouble is not many people saying Len must start – apart from Len

I am still baffled about why Len Brown needed to stay at hotels so often, only 30minutes drive from his home.

We need a “Brown’s Law”
“Len Brown’s behaviour and refusal to resign has highlighted council and public impotence in the face of serious transgression by a mayor.”

Len Brown should quit – paper
The mayor’s office this morning declined to comment on the editorial but said Brown would be making a full statement to tomorrow’s meeting of the council.

@dylanhorrocks@kaupapa@Zagzigger That will be clearer *after* we’ve heard from the councillors tomorrow. The editorial’s timing is strange.

Because the councillors will publicly indicate their willingness to continue working with Brown.

The belief that they will try – and that that would be bad – is the basis of the editorial’s argument.

But as Todd Niall pointed out, that’s a premature and illogical assumption.

tho -they know the editorial opinion of the local paper – for what its worth

Time to pack up, Len ~ EDITORIAL@nzherald

When the Herald, a generally reasonably balanced paper, has a front page, huge headline telling you to quit, you get second thoughts right?

former Mayor in the Docks, current Mayor in the dog house… Auckland, when are you going to take responsibility for who you actually elect

Len Brown says it’s been his “annus horribilis” and he’s been copping “a fair old whack around the ears”:

Auckland mayor Len Brown has lamented his ‘annus horribilis’ in an interview this morning and reiterated that his failure to declare hotel freebies was due to ‘a lack of clarity’.

“Secondly, I just didn’t bring my mind to it clearly enough … if you received an upgrade, or a complimentary [room], if it was over $300, then you should declare it.

“I’ve put my hand up to that and said `hey, you know we could have been much, much clearer and lucid around that and got better instruction and understanding.

“I was also thinking, ‘hey, look this has nothing to do with the council, this has nothing to do with spending ratepayers’ money’.

“I’m wiser in hindsight, well chastened and I suspect that it’s just not me, there’d be many sitting around the council table who’ll be thinking back on their declarations and wondering, ‘hey, did I declare that upgrade in the aeroplane?’.”

‘Lack of clarity’ is bollocks, the mayor should know basic disclosure procedures and be aware of potential conflicts of interest.

“Certainly the last few weeks have provided something of a reflection for me … It’s been really, really tough and not just in the public eye obviously, [but also] for us as a family, for me as a husband and a dad – it’s been really difficult to confront that and that’s where the damage has been most profound.”

The damage has been most profound for Brown at home where his wife can sack him, but where he can’t be sacked, Auckland City Council, the damage continues to accumulate.

Haven’t we heard enough of Len Brown’s dirty talk aready? Now he’s telling us about his annus. Just stop.

Herald calls for mayor to step down

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has lost the support of his home-town newspaper.

NZ Herald: Disgrace to democracy

So, once again the NZ Herald editors show their right wing leanings.  The front page of the hard copy today is pure partisan propaganda.

The NZ Herald is trying to preempt and manipulate the outcome of tomorrow’s public meeting. Their front page is pure propaganda and (pre) electioneering.

Shame on them!

On left wing blogs NZ Herald is called right wing, on right wing blogs it’s called left wing.

Surely at this point we need more information about who contributed to Mayor Len’s election campaign

First it was Jesus, now he is channelling the Queen

The Queen’s annus horribilis: separation of the parents of four of her Grandchildren, and her home burning down. Len Brown’s: re-election.

The councillors so far planning to vote no confidence in Len Brown are from the right. So its really about politics, not morality or ethics

Wow. NONE of the five councillors who want to sack Len Brown made their own declarations of interest last year:

Click to access councillorsdeclarationofinterestsummaries.pdf

Mayor lacks ‘honesty, integrity and credibility’ – five Auckland councillor

A quarter of Auckland councillors have signalled they will try to pass a no-confidence motion about the mayor at tomorrow’s 10 am governing body meeting at the Auckland Town Hall, according to a just released statement by councillor Cameron Brewer.

  They are expected to debate and vote on a motion that says: “The governing body notes that Len Brown lacks the essential leadership credentials of judgement, honesty, integrity, and credibility and, as a result, councillors have lost confidence in his ability to carry out his duties as mayor of Auckland.”

The five councillors, Dick Quax, Linda Cooper, Mr Brewer, Sharon Stewart and Denise Krum have told other councillors of their intentions. They want more councillors to join them tomorrow in supporting the stronger motion, according to Mr Brewer’s statement.

Len Brown says he won’t resign over breaches of the council’s code of conduct, and wants the city to let him get on with the job

Len Brown affair: Reader reaction: Today the New Zealand Herald took the rare step of running our editorial

Goin, going… Len Brown: Councillors call for no-confidence vote – National – NZ Herald News http://nzh.tw/11174578  via @nzherald

Am told Auckland Council has been polling people on their confidence in Auckland Council

If the PM can ignore nearly a million voters Len Brown can be cool ignoring a major crowd of twenty from Remuera


For first time, Brown does not rule out resignation

RAW DATA: TVNZ’s Lisa Owen questions Len Brown:

LO: What do you think of the views of these people [street protestors] here, behind you?

LB: They’re expressing their own view democratically and I accept that and acknowledge it.

LO: How determined are you to stay in position as the mayor of Auckland?

LB: Oh, I think that we will just, um, await for an assessment of the council tomorrow and then we’ll go from there.

LO: Are you determined to stay on in your job or are you considering resigning?

LB: Look, I’m just listening to what has been said and then we’ll reflect on the final decision tomorrow from the council

LO: Are you leaving the door open then to resignation, it sounds like you are?

LB: Look, I just think that it’s important for the… (heckling) it’s going to be really hard to get interviewed here


Len Brown ‘will go’ – commentator: The embattled Auckland mayor will go sooner or later, says a political comm…

Mr Trotter said he thinks Mr Brown will go.

“He should resign, I believe because he can no longer lead Auckland effectively,” he said.

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