Curran’s position in doubt in Dunedin South?

An interesting Public Notice on the ODT on Tuesday regarding Clare Curran’s electorate:

“The New Zealand Labour Party wishes to advise all Electorate, Branch and Affiliated members that nominations for the Dunedin South constituency remain open. The closing date has been amended and is now February 28 2014.”

This may be normal process, or it may be an indication that rumours of attempts to replace Curran within Labour have some substance.

Curran ousted sitting MP David Benson-Pope from candidacy in Dunedin South for the 2008 election.

She was demoted by David Cunliffe to 30 out of the 34 current Labour MPs.

UPDATE: An interesting comment on this from a Labour member from Dunedin:

 No one, including myself, has put in a selection nomination against Clare Curran that I know of. More I cannot say at this stage :twisted:

Interesting, especially the last bit.


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  1. Kate

     /  28th December 2013

    There was a date change. You’re barking up wrong tree.

    • I’ve heard concerns expressed about Curran’s performance, including from within Labour.

      Curran was ranked 19 under Shearer’s leadership, now under Cunliffe she is now about 30 out of 34.

      That there has been a date change suggests, at least, that Curran’s re-appointment is not just a virtual formality.

      Labour is in desperate need of rejuvenation. If Curran’s selection isn’t being at least seriously questioned and possibly contested then Labour have an ongoing talent problem.

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