John Minto: “how vile is Paula Bennett?”

John Minto, co-vice-president of the ‘Mana Movement’ and Auckland mayoral candidate for Mana, has written at The Daily Blog On a scale from one to 10 how vile is Paula Bennett?

He writes about he drug testing policy and then concludes:

On the vile scale I’d put her at nine. Am I being too harsh?

This invited a number of comments about Bennett.

Molly: “To my mind not harsh enough…”

George Ryde:”I give her 11 out of 10″.

Linz: “I’ll raise it to 9.5.”

John W:

Poorla gets my 10.5

What sort of role model is she.
She is above being a bitch, yes much further up the scale, and up herself.

Small minded, mean, vindictive, petty, spiteful puppet of Corporate largess treating NZders as fools manipulated to contribute to the transnational investors coffers

Karen H McGregor: “Paula Bennett is the biggest hypocrite walking this earth and should be struck from Parliment!!! She shouldn’t be representing people in need as she is too full of her self (self serving) and arrogant!!!”

Neeks: “I would say the rating is accurate!”

Ovicula: “9 is possibly a bit lenient. I’m trying to think how bad a 10 would be. Michael Laws springs to mind, but is she any better than him?”

Rosey McVay: “All I can ask is, what would she have to do to score 10, actually eat beneficiaries babies? She’s as ten as they get imo. ”

Lionel: “heartless fat bitch”.

Lily: “Bennett holds true to the old adage that power attracts the corruptible. She deserves a 10.”

Rachael Goldsmith: “10/10 – utterly vile. She honestly makes me feel ill. ”
– Goldsmith is a Daily Blog author and “found sanity in adulthood and a family in the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ. She is on their Policy Committee, and is the immediate past candidate and current spokesperson for Clutha Southland.”

Mary A: “Mr Minto, you are far to generous in your rating of Paula “work will set you free” Bennett. She’s a 10 for sure, possibly with a plus added as well!”

EmmittBrownBTTF1: “She’s somewhere between a stink beetle and supperating gangrene.”

Corokia: “Paula gets a 9 from me too John (she’s probably got a few tricks up her sleeve to lift that score though) .”

Pip: “I give her an 11 for vile.”

Abuse like this is common on blogs (and Minto attracts a fair bit) but it’s less common to see prominent political aspirants initiating and encouraging it like this.

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  1. Peter Matthewson

     /  15th January 2014

    You need to be fair here. I don’t condone really vindictive abuse, but what about the abuse that Paula Bennett has directed at beneficiaries as a class? Minto highlights her comments about beneficiaries being on drugs and unemployable, however notes yesterday’s NZ Herald report that ““of the 8,001 beneficiaries sent for jobs requiring drug testing, only 22 tested positive to drug use or refused to take tests.”That’s 0.27%”.

    On the allegation of hypocrisy it has also been previously noted that “When she was only 19, Paula Bennett was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit but was able to buy her own house in Taupo for $56,000, courtesy of a Housing Corporation loan. Bennett said she’d worked part-time but that she “pretty much fell apart because I was exhausted. I went back on the DPB”. “But now she’s a minister it’s a different story” “It was OK for Paula to go back on the DPB because it was too hard to survive, but it’s tough luck for her sisters today.” “It was OK for Paula to get a Housing Corp loan back then, but National made sure that it’s no longer available today.” “It was OK for Paula to stay on the DPB to raise her daughter, but she’s making sure that young woman won’t have that privilege anymore.” “It was OK for Paula to get a paid tertiary education back then, but not today. In fact she was the Minister who abolished the Training Incentive Allowance”. “Paula Bennett basically set herself up in life with direct assistance from the state, but now she’s the Minister of Social Development, she’s gonna make sure nobody else can ever get that kind of help.”


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