Dunedin oil/gas support and opposition

In any debate with politics involved there are usually claims designed to deceive and mislead. In an attempt to get a neutral-ish count of people supporting or opposing gas exploration in Dunedin I have set up three posts at Your Dunedin:

If you want to register support, opposition or undecideness please add your name.

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  1. Bruce Turnbull

     /  13th January 2014

    Just drill drill drill and now

  2. This doesn’t sound like a very effective method of gauging public opinion on offshore oil drilling.

    • I say in the post it’s only an indication and not a scientific measure. A public debate followed by a sampled poll would be the best way but that’s beyond my resources.

  3. Also, having read your comments on the topic you don’t sound very neutral to me. Perhaps someone who is neutral should be doing this sort of thing?

    • It’s simply procedural, I don’t see why I can’t do it neutrally. No one else seems to be trying to assess both sides of the debate equally.

  4. Tracey Scurr

     /  15th January 2014

    I support the exploration Pete. Twenty or so years ago in East Otago we lost a major employer with the closure of Cherry Farm Hospital. But another big employer, Macraes Mining Company (now OceanaGold), was just getting going. Some said that the mine would not employ any workers from the hospital, but it did. Although most importantly, it provided a new source of employment in the area for the next generation.

    Probably no mine anywhere has an indefinite expected life. What will replace this source of employment in East Otago when it is over? I don’t hear of any other big projects on the horizon, although I hope there may be some small or medium-sized ones. Around 15 years ago we also gained the Mainland Poultry farm which too attracted protests, in 2012: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/214596/poultry-protest-brought-earth, and earlier opposition.

    Any development large enough to promise employment for upwards of one to two-hundred people is likely to attract some sort of opposition. But this is the scale of business development that we need.

    In ten years time our son will be needing a job. He may be one of the lucky ones because his parents are employers. But what about the other kids out there? We can’t all be civil servants, healthcare workers, educators, or professionals – and many are simply not called in those directions. For those jobs to even exist we need a healthy productive sector. Even the so-called ‘sustainable’ productive industries will be underpinned by the oil industry initially, and maybe indefinitely.

    I hope you get a lot more names added to your ‘support’ list.


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