Will a flick of the finger become a smack on the bum?

Colin Craig continues to promote his smacking crusade. He is getting a lot of media attention, again. Time will tell if his obsession with physical child discipline (hitting kids) will turn around and smack him on the bum.

NZ Herald Colin Craig targets anti-smacking law:

He said mostly his discipline consisted of “a flick of a finger on the back of a knuckle”.

“It’s hurts for a moment,” he said.

He doesn’t say what the rest of his discipline is. To hurt an eight year old would take quite a “flick of a finger”. He doesn’t make it clear but this sounds more like a punishment than an intervention. By the time a child is eight it’s parents should have worked out there are far more effective ways of disciplining than hitting.

He risks teaching his child that you hit someone when they do something you don’t want them to do.

He said he did not believe that other people should break laws they did not agree with, such as people smoking cannabis.

Flouting the law (and most parenting manuals) to hit a child is good, but adults choosing to self administer a mild drug is bad?

Rule breaking for him is ok, rule breaking for others is not.

I wonder how old his daughter will be before Craig stops smacking her. I hope he doesn’t catch her puffing weed. What if she becomes one of “the most promiscuous in the world”. That’s not uncommon for children of authoritarian parents. What sort of flick on the knuckles will it take to hurt his daughter then? Maybe he will think it’s real ratbag behaviour.

“Light smacking is for those kids that are already good….ratbags need thrashing.” (Dazzaman at Kiwiblog)

Apart from the absurdity of hitting good kids this highlights a major problem for parents with a smacking habit. If a light smack doesn’t work, what then? Escalate? Lose your temper?

Or try something else. I suggest trying something else before the flicking/smacking/hitting and hurting your kid option. It’s safer and more effective.

There’s a high chance of Craig coming unstuck on this, sooner or later. He’s able to attract media attention but he has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth.

Craig is keen to promote his flicking fingers, but it might end up smacking his political bum.

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  1. graham

     /  14th January 2014

    You say “I hope he doesn’t catch her puffing weed. What if she becomes one of “the most promiscuous in the world”. That’s not uncommon for children of authoritarian parents.”

    That’s a curious leap to make there, Pete. How do you define “authoritarian”? Is Colin Craig authoritarian simply because he uses a form of discipline that you don’t approve of? Is he authoritarian because he “flicks” her at the age of eight, in which case what age is appropriate to still do this? On Kiwiblog you state that “With my own kids I’ve tapped a few hands and bums.” What’s the difference between that and Colin Craig’s “flick of a finger on the back of a knuckle”?


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