“Martyn Bradbury is a filthy, disgusting class traitor”

A comment from elschorcho at Kiwiblog:

Martyn Bradbury is a filthy, disgusting class traitor. He claims to be a left-winger, a socialist, someone who stands up for the downtrodden – and then he supports a SUPER CAPITALIST, a kulak, someone who has committed multiple economic crimes.

It absolutely, totally amazes me that so many of my so-called left-wing friends actually think Dotcom fits their political beliefs. The lack of class consciousness makes me realise just how fucking stupid they really are.

Newsflash: It is more “socialist” to vote for Bill English than it is to vote for Kim Dotcom.

Why would Bradbury sell his soul like this?

He is determined to change the political landscape and instigate  the “left” taking  control. I’d like to see him take control of Dotcom.

Bradbury is severely conflicted and compromised.


  1. Peter Matthewson

     /  January 15, 2014

    Why would any intelligent and self-respecting left wing activist join a political venture with this obese poser, with his net worth of $200million gained from dubious sources, his outrageously ostentatious lifestyle including palatial property complete with pet giraffes, the pink Cadillacs, Lamborghinis etc and for when he’s really in a hurry the helicopter (which is also handy when he blows half a million on a fireworks display), and his convictions back home for 11 counts of computer fraud, 10 counts of data espionage, insider trading and embezzlement among other offences, and whose first political action in this country was to donate $50,000 to John Banks???

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