Green education policy – deliver welfare from schools

The big Green education announcement – deliver welfare and healthcare from low decile schools.

Green Party announces education policy

Party co-leader Metiria Turei announced the “Schools at the Heart” policy in Wellington today.

“Education is the best route out of poverty but poverty creates an educational dead end. There is growing evidence that poorer kids aren’t getting the most out of school because the symptoms of low income get in the way of their learning,” says Ms Turei.

The party also wants to establish ‘hub co-ordinators’ in schools, who are dedicated to improving the school and community.

“Our school hubs proposal will ensure food, health care, social services, early childhood education and out of school sporting and cultural opportunities are available to kids who might otherwise miss out,” she says.

  • School Hub Coordinators ($28.5 million per annum)
  • Free afterschool and holiday care programmes ($10 million per annum)
  • This will apply to every child at decile 1 to 4 schools
  • National school lunch fund ($40 million per annum)
  • Dedicated school nurses in decile 1-4 schools ($11.6 million per annum)
  • Build at least 20 new Early Childhood Education centres at low decile primary schools ($25 million)
  • Low income subsidies to children at decile 5-10 schools
  • Establish a community hub resource centre
  • Work with Secondary Schools to devise a hubs plan

I have reservations about delivering welfare from schools but it’s worth debating this.

This comes back closer to the source of some education problems, but the problems originate in homes. The Green policy isn’t addressing the root cause, it bypasses it.

Where are the parents? Do Greens want nanny state to take over?

Now on the Green Party website:

Green Party launch major policy to tackle impact of growing inequality on education

The Green Party has announced a major policy proposal today to tackle the effects of growing inequality on children’s educational achievement by establishing on-site community hubs in low decile schools.

The policy, entitled Schools at the Heart, will cluster health, welfare and other support services in decile 1-4 schools in order to mitigate the impact of poverty and inequality on a child’s learning.

“The evidence shows that if kids are fed, are healthy and have the support services they need then they do better at school. Our policy will make sure kids have the basics so they can learn.

“This announcement represents a significant commitment to eradicating inequality in New Zealand and its effects. Inequality will be a specific focus for the Green Party this election year.”

View the policy document

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  1. Pete, as a teacher I found a lot of time was wasted in trying to coordinate support agencies for struggling children and nurses were never available when you needed them. Similar hubs exist in some schools already and have proven their worth many times over. Which would make the most difference to a kid struggling with ill-health and a dysfunctional home: a school nurse with good family contacts or a new principal with a larger salary?


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