Whale Oil woes

The Whale Oil blog is down, claimed to be the victim of a denial of service attack after comments about a death on the West Coast were reacted to. NBR Report:

Cam Slater complains to police as DoS attack takes his Whaleoil blog offline

Cam Slater’s Whaleoil site was down this afternoon after being swamped by a denial-of-service attack (which sees a malicious hacker buy space on hijacked PCs to overwhelm a website’s capacity).

“It’s a DoS attack, originating in New Zealand,” Mr Slater told NBR.

The controversial blogger has no shortage of enemies. He named a couple he thought were probably responsible for today’s attack – but you’ll have to wait until his site goes back online to read those (so far) unsubstantiated allegations.

“I have also been getting death threats via text and on Facebook,” Mr Slater told NBR. I have notified police, especially [over] the text messages.”

Mr Slater said he was working to get Whaleoil back online.

There has been more explained on Whale’s Facebook,

Clearly feral is an emotive word that unhinged ppl…perhaps I should start calling them a violent rural vigilante mob

And from Pete (also from Whale Oil):

Hi there everyone. I’m Pete. I am one of the people that works at Whaleoil. Here’s the situation. Death threats and threats of violence have been made. Now, if we all can agree we’ve had our fun, and we get on with the rest of our days, and things go back to normal, it would be nice. If not, we really need to take the next step, which is to identify who is involved behind the threats of violence, murder and suicide, with the help of the Police and other authorities.

This is going to stop at some time. Be it an hour, or later today, or even some days from now. It will get boring. So can I please ask you to cut it out now, and then things don’t get out of hand.

Because if we have to come and MAKE people stop, we can’t do that without the help of people like the Police. And once they are involved, things can get out of hand.

I’m just having a day off work, thanks to you people. It’s not really hurting me. Nor is it really hurting Cameron Slater. But these death threats and threats of violence cross a line. Stop now.

If things haven’t settled by 2pm, and they stay settled, it’s out of my hands what happens next.


Some of it seems very not nice. Like:

Jolene Mcgowan: id love to c dis wanker show his face on the coast wud b great to watch him get every punch kick an bullet he deserves an well i bet the cops wud just stand back an watch it happen scum like dis guy dont deserve help from any1

Some nasty stuff has been ignited.

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  1. Bill Bloggs

     /  28th January 2014

    Jolene Mcgowan – absolutely not feral and a great advertisement for Greymouth.

  2. GregM

     /  28th January 2014

    It’s a real shame Pete. 99.999 % of coasters are real good buggers.
    I have many friends down that way, Stillwater, Greymouth, Hoki, Franz, Paringa, and Haast beach, and have spent more than twenty years of holidays flying up and down the coast and alps . Unfortunately this post seems to have given the 0.0001 % of feral coasters with nothing better to do a chance to do some real damage to the coast, and not their intended recipient. Have a go at Cam by all means, but when they threatened Cams daughter, in writing, on a public forum, they sealed their fate, and hopefully their criminal conviction as well.
    I love the coast, and the people there, this is not a good advertisement for them.

    Cheers, Greg.

    • I agree Greg, it’s an awful look for the Coast, mostly great people but it doesn’t take many to make it look bad, which in this case they have. I hope the police deal with those making threats, especially against totally innocent family.

  3. Craig

     /  29th January 2014

    Yes it does look bad for the coast. And to listen to Mr Kokshoorn tell Morning Report says Slater deserves most of the reaction he is getting was an insight to the way they think.

  4. Thank you for sharing.

  5. matt

     /  5th February 2014

    How brave can you be calling people feral from a distance/you have called all west coasters feral come down here and say it to our faces.

  1. The Whale Oil West Coast provocation | Your NZ

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