Silver fern is NZ history

Further to Silver fern emblem used in Boer War that shows that the silver fern has been a significant military emblem for over a hundred years (since the 1899/1902 Boer War) here are more examples of it’s use.

ewgrave2Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch

Faenza War CemeteryFaenza War Cemetery (WW2), Italy

The first headstone is my Grandfather and I have an uncle buried at Faenza. I’d be proud to have the silver fern as the emblem that represents New Zealand via our flag.

One of the main complaints about the common silver fern on a black flag is the colour, or lack of.

This design is probably the best balance of fern with current colours and also retaining the Southern Cross.

Kyle Lockwood, an architectural designer from Wellington, has won a clutch of new flag design polls for his silver fern flag.

A silver fern was more representative of New Zealand than a Union Jack, he said – but a new flag should be colourful, not black and white.

“It’s a good sporting flag and it’s good for the All Blacks but black for a national flag unfortunately conjures up images of piracy and death.”

I’d be happy to switch to Lockwood’s flag.


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  1. briansmaller

     /  31st January 2014

    I have been to the Faenza War Cemetery three times. Once with my father who visited the graves of comrades buried there and twice on subsequent trips to visit family in Italy.

  2. Union Jack’s Day is over : The Jacks in a pack of wolve’s are not of equal value.
    The Jack of hearts was reversed into a black spade and in affect will certainly dig one’s own grave. Men or women without a Whanau/Family balance of character in hardship has never made good a Leader. In total ignorance and denial of those who have fallen for both King of hearts and country in a true sovereignty. Playing a stacked deck is imposible.
    As the jacks now return automatically to their respective hard tested position taught us all by the thing’s we most despise. We have all had the proverbial wool pulled over our eye’s until we’ve become almost totally blind in a false balance of religious agenda’s and a politiically minded world of policy’s we have all paid for very dearly, like it or lump it.
    It is not a matter of who is Right or Wrong any longer as we ALL peice together that which went missing and place all thing’s back in rightful order. No matter what any one believe’s. Patrick looks like he is in position, Whilst, our Winstone has paved a way, “not always right” but his motive has always been united we stand divided we fall. Put the heart back where it belongs and vote on behalf of others and not yourself. Call a spade a spade. Club together. And the diamond’s will live forever in all of our family’s.
    A conservative stand by any one person will not go unrewarded and in my opinion it is time for the Paul’s to pay back the true Peter’s. Eric’s design on a flag would probably more represent the living and the dead more accurately; thus far.

  3. I agree that Kyle Lockwood’s flag is very stylish and a great alternative to the current one…it is non-confrontational, ‘cheerful’ and best of all aesthetically pleasing!

  1. Mixed poll responses on replacing the NZ flag | Your NZ

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