What Anne Tolley said

Tolley’s full comments that sparked the claims of racism by Metiria Turei:


15:15:58~Hon ANNE TOLLEY (Minister of Police)

Hon ANNE TOLLEY (Minister of Police): Well, the 2014 election year has begun predictably. National led off and announced its education policy, which was focused on lifting educational achievement for all New Zealand children. It was well targeted and as a result parents, teachers, and school leaders love it. It was well-thought-through and it was well costed, and we know how we are going to fund it.

The Greens—well, the Greens held a picnic and I think what resulted from that was that they gave the kids a sandwich, actually—they gave four kids a sandwich. [Interruption]

The ASSISTANT SPEAKER (H V Ross Robertson): Order! Can I have some respect for the member trying to address the House? Courtesy is contagious, Mr Mallard.

Hon ANNE TOLLEY: Thank you Mr Speaker. They insulted all the parents of kids in low-decile schools by saying essentially that those people cannot feed their kids and that their kids are unhealthy.

More important, the Greens reinforced their lack of ambition for these kids by confirming their belief that poor kids cannot learn. It is not that the poor kids are not bright or that they are not hard working; they simply cannot learn because their parents do not earn enough dollars. I find that insulting.

While we are on insults, I am actually rather insulted as a constituent MP. I serve an electorate day after day, week after week, meeting and talking with people in my home communities. I have to say that they are not well off. In my electorate, I represent some of the poorest communities in New Zealand.

I am actually insulted to be lectured on how out of touch I am with average New Zealanders by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle, and comes to the House dressed in $2,000 designer jackets, and tells me that I am out of touch.

Well, actually, I say to the Green MPs: “Come into my patch and have a look. Come into my patch.”

Hansard draft transcript.

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