English and English

Dene Mackenzie (ODT) has suggested a possible coincidence of Bill English resigning from the Clutha-Southland electorate…

English to transfer to list next year

5 November 2013

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English will seek nomination for the National Party list and step down as member of Parliament for Clutha-Southland, which includes the Wakatipu, at the election next year.

…and his brother Connor English resigning as CEO at Federated Farmers.

Conor English resigns as Federated Farmers Chief Executive

“I grew up in a household that talked a lot about the three “P’s” – the Prime Minister, the Pope and the President of Federated Farmers. It has been a great privilege for me to lead this organisation in the capacity of CEO and to serve our fantastic farmers and rural community.

“2014 will be a year of change and excitement for me,” Mr English said.

We can be fairly sure it won’t be trying to go for Pope that is exciting him anyway.

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