New Zealand optimism

David Farrar at Kiwiblog posts on The mood in different countries.

Many polls ask if people think their country is generally heading in the right or the wrong direction.

The current polls for the five countries we cover are:

  • United States -32%
  • United Kingdom -21%
  • Canada – 17%
  • Australia +2%
  • New Zealand +39%

Why do people think New Zealand is so much more positive than all the others?

This mood comparison is backed up by a comment by ‘kiwi in america’.

I travel to 3 and live in 1 of the 5 countries on this list regularly on business and the objective surveys are matched by my subjective feeling.

The mood in the US (Main St) is one of wearying uncertainty and grimly hanging on (notwithstanding Wall St prices),

Canada has soured from optimism to more recent pessimism whilst Australia has slumped from floating above the GFC fray to a palpable souring of sentiment to uncertainty and cautiousness.

New Zealand felt positively buoyant on my December 2013 visit – in every business meeting local participants commented on favourable trading conditions and future optimism both specifically for their industry and for the country as a whole.

That’s quite different to the dire mood being promoted by some New Zealand politicians. They seem to think people can only be happy if they get into power.

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  1. eigthdaywonders

     /  4th February 2014

    Great report David, Even better the optimism among most Kiwi’s, it just could be the lowering of the Union Jack’s, and the welcoming of the NZ Fern Emblem in the great cloud of many witness’s in the proverbial silver lining.


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