Shane Jones on “mental” Wairangi Day

Responding to a report that someone shouted “cut his head off” at the Governor-General Labour MP Shane Jones “wondered” if for some it was Wairangi (mental illness) Day.

wairangi – to be beside oneself, in a daze, infatuated, foolish, suffering from mental illness, demented, deranged, unbalanced, unhinged, crazy.

foolish, irrational – take heed that the councils of the foolish do not prevail, and that the whole country is not thrown into anarchy and confusion by the folly of a few misguided men.

NZ Herald details:

The initial signs that this year would also be restive came yesterday when the Governor-General was shouted at and there was a scuffle between protester Hinewhare Harawira and marae elders at the door of the meeting house.

Marae elder Kingi Taurua later told Radio NZ that there had been shouting “and somebody called out ‘cut his head off’, so it’s all going very, very well. As usual.”

Sir Jerry later said he did not hear the comment.

Told of the report somebody had shouted “cut his head off” , Labour MP Shane Jones, who is from Northland, said: “The Maori word for mental illness is wairangi. I often wonder if some people have Wairangi Day, not Waitangi Day”.

The events leading up to Waitangi Day do seem to provide a platform for attention seekers and some nutty stuff. And the media is all ears for anything that can be reported as nutty, disruptive, disrespectful – the negatives are certain to be amplified.

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