The Green ban list

A list of things that Greens have officially said they would ban as per Fisiani at Kiwiblog.

Now this is only stuff they officially want to ban as detailed in a policy statement. I haven’t even attempted to go through the masses of press releases and speeches where MPs have advocated additional bans on anything that moves. So this is a conservative list.

  1. Ban fizzy drinks from schools
  2. Ban fuel inefficient vehicles
  3. Ban all gaming machines in pubs
  4. Ban the GCSB
  5. Ban violent TV programmes until after 10 pm
  6. Ban feeding of antibiotics to animals that are not sick
  7. Ban companies that do not comply with a Code of Corporate Responsibility
  8. Ban ACC from investing in enterprises that provide products or services that significantly increase rates of injury or illness or otherwise have significant adverse social or environmental effects
  9. Ban commercial Genetic Engineering trials
  10. Ban field testing on production of GE food
  11. Ban import of GE food
  12. Ban Urban Sprawl
  13. Ban non citizens/residents from owning land
  14. Ban further corporate farming
  15. Ban sale of high country farms to NZers who do not live in NZ at least 185 days a year
  16. Ban the transport by sea of farm animals, for more than 24 hours
  17. Ban crates for sows
  18. Ban battery cages for hens
  19. Ban factory farming of animals
  20. Ban the use of mechanically recovered meat in the food chain
  21. Ban the use of the ground-up remains of sheep and cows as stock feed
  22. Ban animal testing where animals suffer, even if of benefit to humans
  23. Ban cloning of animals
  24. Ban use of animals in GE
  25. Ban GE animal food
  26. Ban docking of dogs tails
  27. Ban intrusive animal experimentation as a teaching method in all educational institutions
  28. Ban smacking
  29. Ban advertising during children’s programmes
  30. Ban alcohol advertising on TV and radio
  31. Ban coal mining
  32. Ban the export of indigenous logs and chips
  33. Ban the use of bio-accumulative and persistent poisons
  34. Ban the establishment of mustelid farms
  35. Ban new exploration, prospecting and mining on conservation land and reserves
  36. Ban mining activities when rare and endemic species are found to present on the mining site
  37. Ban the trading conservation land for other land to facilitate extractive activities on.
  38. Ban the further holding of marine mammals in captivity except as part of an approved threatened species recovery strategy
  39. Ban the direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals
  40. Ban sale of chips and lollies on school property
  41. Ban any additional use of coal for energy
  42. Ban fixed electricity charges
  43. Ban further large hydro plants
  44. Ban nuclear power
  45. Ban further thermal generation
  46. Ban private water management
  47. Ban imported vehicles over seven years old
  48. Ban the disposal of recyclable materials at landfills
  49. Ban the export of hazardous waste to non OECD countries
  50. Ban funding of health services by companies that sell unhealthy food (so McDonalds could not fund services for young cancer sufferers)
  51. Ban healthcare organizations from selling unhealthy food or drink
  52. Ban advertising of unhealthy food until after 8.30 pm
  53. Ban all food and drink advertisements on TV if they do not meet criteria for nutritious food
  54. Ban the use of antibiotics as sprays on crops
  55. Ban food irradiation within NZ
  56. Ban irradiated food imports
  57. Ban growth hormones for animals
  58. Ban crown agency investments in any entity that denies climate change!!
  59. Ban crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in tobacco
  60. Ban crown agency investments in any entity that is involved in environmentally damaging oil extraction or gold mining
  61. Ban non UN sanctioned military involvement (so China and Russia gets to veto all NZ engagements)
  62. Ban NZ from military treaties which are based on the right to self defence
  63. Ban NZers from serving as mercenaries
  64. Ban new casinos
  65. Allow existing casinos to be banned
  66. Ban promotion of Internet gambling
  67. Ban advertising of unhealthy food to children
  68. Ban cellphone towers within 300 metres of homes
  69. Ban new buildings that do not confirm to sustainable building principles
  70. Ban migrants who do not undertake Treaty of Waitangi education programmes
  71. Ban new prisons
  72. Ban semi-automatic weapons
  73. Ban genetic mixing between species
  74. Ban ocean mineral extractions within the EEZ
  75. Ban limited liability companies by making owners responsible for liability of products
  76. Ban funding of PTEs that compete with public tertiary institutes
  77. Ban the importation of goods and services that do not meet quality and environmental certification standards in production, lifecycle analysis, and eco-labelling
  78. Ban goods that do not meet quality and sustainability standards for goods which are produced and/or sold in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  79. Ban new urban highways or motorways
  80. Ban private toll roads
  81. Ban import of vehicles more than seven years old unless they meet emission standards
  82. Ban imported goods that do not meet standards for durability and ease of recycling
  83. Ban landfills
  84. Ban new houses without water saving measures
  85. Ban programmes on TVNZ with gratuitous violence
    Add to this:
  86. Fracking
  87. Deep-sea drilling
  88. Asset sales

Please advise of any additions or corrections.

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  1. Dave Stonyer

     /  8th February 2014

    Next item: BAN the GREENS from banning anything!

  2. Brown

     /  8th February 2014

    To my horror I see there is a handful of things there I support but that doesn’t make the overall style of the list in any way rational. They don’t seem to ban violence, sexualisation of children, abortion and euthanasia though (unless they are dolphins / whales I guess). There’s no mention of stopping us using offshore accounts either (which is good because the flight of capital out of NZ would be amazing if these fruit loops ever get a controlling say in anything).

  3. Given the “redneck” post you’ve just berated KB readers for, Is this your green-neck post? It has that flavour to it. (I’ve done my fair share of “The Greens are mad” posts, so I’m not trying to get all righteous on you, just pointing out we all can get just a little fed up with things.)

    I’m generally not one for banning things, but there are a few items on the list I’d support. Battery Farms and crate sows should go. EOS.

    However, a stopped clock can be right twice a day, and it’s the general “ban people, ban commerce” approach to Greenie politics that does tend to set some of us on edge. Just as the idea of treating one set of injustices whilst ignoring other sets of injustices can generate these “redneck” responses that, at their heart, have a valid point over on the KB thread.

    Personally, I think we have to complete the treaty settlements and they are, for the most, been a good thing to do. I am fairly sure though that the promises that these are “full and final” will not hold up, and that will be a bad thing for NZ.

    • I agree with a number of the ban items. I think just about everyone will. But it is the extent of banning and control that is the main point here – the danger of becoming an over-restricted society. And as you say, the anti-business approach of the Greens is a concern – except for their so far largely mythical or impractical Green business.


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