McCoskrie’s broken marriage

Bob McCoskrie thinks that marriage is broken in New Zealand.

Rejecting the State’s appointment to ‘marry’ people

Because I completely reject the definition of “marriage” which was rammed through by the politicians last year – what I call an ‘act of cultural vandalism’ – I have resigned as a State-sanctioned Marriage Celebrant.

I WILL STILL PERFORM MARRIAGE CEREMONIES FOR COUPLES. I completely believe in the purpose and sanctity of marriage – but it will be marriage as defined by culture, history and nature; not by politicians and political correctness. The couple can simply go to the local Registry Office if they wish to register their marriage in the eyes of the State and receive the State’s recognition and benefits (if there’s any benefits left!)

But it would be wrong of me – and perhaps even hypocritical of me – to allow myself to be appointed by the State to carry out that duty while rejecting the distorted definition that the State has adopted. In my view, marriage will always maintain its cultural, natural and historical definition of the lifetime commitment of one man one woman. The real meaning will never change.

I’m not against anybody. I’m simply FOR the institution of marriage which has stood the test of time – and which we ‘play with’ at our peril.
Bob McCoskrie

He doesn’t want to marry some people, fair enough. I doubt any of those people would be interested in asking him to marry them, they will find someone appropriate and willing to do that.

Everyone should be happy with that.

Perhaps even McCoskrie when he finds out how happy it makes people who are now able to get married like the rest of us.

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  1. Brown

     /  10th February 2014

    I gather the Gay Brigade have the lowering of the age of consent back on the agenda. I’l put you down as a “yes” to grooming children for sex because its a matter of equality or something. The sun will still come up and go down but in my world people that did that wouldn’t know it unless their cell had a window.


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