Dotcom – “we’ll self destruct”

Patrick Gower makes it clear why Dotcom wants National out and Labour/Greens/NZ First in – they may save his bacon.

Russel Norman opposing any Dotcom extradition “I’ve always said I don’t support the extradition process.”

And David Cunliffe with his usual Yeah, nah.
“I haven’t formed a view on that yet and I’d want to see more of the arguments. Prima Facie the current Government’s opposition against Mr Dotcom appears to be outside the law in a number of respects my anticipation is that would make it quite difficult for an extradition to proceed.”

Gower: “A Labour-Green government could potentially free Dotcom.” He posts in Labour, Greens willing to free Dotcom:

Which brings me to the folly of Dotcom’s Internet Party – having a political movement behind him will obviously be another argument against extradition.

While it polled 0% in the first 3 News-Reid Research poll since it was named, when asked specifically, 1 in 5 voters said they would “consider” voting for it.

Most of its potential voters come from “undecideds” or Labour/Greens/NZ First – technically the Opposition.

But with Dotcom incredibly unlikely to make 5% or win an electorate seat, then this will be what’s called “wasted vote”, rather than change the Government.

And that favours one person – John Key.

It seems a bit of a selfish political own goal by Dotcom to me, and is why Russel Norman has been scurrying up to the mansion begging Dotcom not to stand.

But what a delicious irony: Kim Dotcom might actually help John Key win the 2014 election.

That any party leader (or representative of any party) is cavorting with Dotcom while he faces extradition is alarming.

Kim Dotcom may have just read Gowers post, he has tweeted:

If #InternetParty won’t poll 5+% before ballot papers are printed we’ll self destruct & put our weight behind a party adopting our policies.

A remarkable statement, showing his lack of political experience. It could be a lot of weight – if the Dotcom political support club hasn’t also self-destructed by then.

Destroying the party to save himself from extradition may seem like a valid plan to protect himself but his political plans could have significant repercussions before then for other parties who he thinks could be his saviour.

Norman is sort of acting on principal but getting far too close to the accused.

Cunliffe could be trying to hedge his bets, if he forms the next Government there would be considerable pressure on him to follow the judicial process through to it’s conclusion. That he doesn’t state this clearly now is concerning.

If everyone survives through to the election Labour+Greens+NZ First might wish they weren’t so closely associated with Kim Dotcom. He could be a very large poisoned chalice.

It may not just be the Internet Party that self-destructs over this.

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