How Green is ActionStation?

Here’s some interesting links to a new “non-party political” action group.

Green Party leader Metiria Turei commented on her Facebook page “Jobs like this are rare, closes Friday” and shared this photo:

Action Station advertThis had been posted by Megan Salole who is the Executive Director of ActionStation. Salole also has obvious links to Generation Zero as per her cover pic.

“Generation Zero is made of up of young New Zealanders working together to secure a thriving zero carbon Aotearoa.”

About Generation Zero:

Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and young people are the inheritors of humanity’s response to climate change.

For that reason – Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation, was founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

Salole was National Campaign Manager for the Green Party in the 2011 election – see her Linked in Overview, Past:

  • Design Strategy at Conscious Consumers
  • National Campaign Manager at Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Social Innovator at Intersect Trust and Network for purposeful young professionals at Intersect
  • Chair at Sustainability Trust

The ActionStation advertisement leads to job details:

National Campaign Director

Our ambitious, not-for-profit enterprise seeks dynamic, multi-talented National Director to lead the organisation and revitalise progressive campaigning in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As National Director you will lead this exciting not-for-profit from its launch, shaping its day-to-day operations and overall direction as a major new presence in New Zealand progressive politics through the next election and beyond its launch to financial sustainability.

We will be going on to recruit the roles of Campaign Director, Technical Director and Membership manager.

It’s interesting to see what appears to be a well funded political activist campaign.

Action Station’s current campaigns are:

  • Fuel Poverty
  • Keep Our Assets
  • Paid Parental Leave

The job description:

Action Station Job description

And it includes a summary of ActionStation:

Action Station AboutAS is about people power, not party politics – “preserving complete independence from any political party”.

ActionStation party membershipSo ActionStation are trying to portray themselves as non-party political.

They just happen to have people and policies that are closely aligned to the Green Party and are promoted by a Green Party leader.

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  1. Hi Pete

    If you peer over the ditch at GetUp or further afield to the UK, Canada, Germany and the States, you will find that they all have their own versions of this multi-issue, progressive campaigning enterprise. It’s important democratic infrastructure, and it’s time NZ had our own version. Yes, I ran the Greens campaign in 2011, but it might interest you to know that the current Labour campaign manager is on our recruitment panel (in a personal capacity, not professional) off the back of doing a campaigns role 38Degrees in the UK. We care about progressive values full stop, and even though we have both done work for political parties we know that party politics is seriously limited in its scope. By rallying people around issues and values instead of ideology you can achieve much greater consensus and collective action.

    As for a Co-Leader promoting it on her Facebook page? I’m guessing Metiria has seen the power of the model operating powerfully overseas – it genuinely applies pressure to Governments to adopt more progressive policies and gives more democracy to citizens in between elections. Of course she would support it. That’s what she personally stands for. Nothing tricky going on there.

    We are recruiting someone to lead our organisation beyond its start up phase and this person will have to give up membership of any political party. But at the end of the day we Actionstationeers are passionate voters and will always express our personal preference in the privacy of the polling booth. I’ll always Party vote Green and strive to live green and David will probably always Party vote for Labour. What we passionately agree on is we need to urgently give people mechanisms to take collective action for the betterment of all our people and our environment.

    Any other queries you might have about us, just ask away. Thanks!

    • Thanks Megan. I’ll put your explanation up as a post. One obvious question that will come up – “relies on small donations” but with what looks like a big budget and employing multiple staff makes ActionStation appear better funded than political parties. Commitments to significant costs right from the start suggests serious commitments of financial backing. Unless you are very transparent doubts and suspicions will be out there. Are you going to be open about funding?


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