Waitangi settlement size perspective

It’s common to see complaints about how much money is being “handed out” to Maori in Treaty of Waitangi claims.

Felix Marwick at Newstalk ZB  puts the size of the  claims in perspective in Food for thought over Waitangi Day:

Waitangi Day last week sparked the usual tired debates that we see every year when it comes to race relations.

Waitangi also becomes a focus for arguments over the treaty settlement process. Some of the arguments have value, but a lot are really based on ignorance, racism, and an urge to score cheap political points.

So let’s put it in context; since 1992 the Crown has settled around a billion dollars worth of claims – that’s around 50 million dollars a year in value.
Currently the Government is borrowing 78 million dollars a month as part of its fiscal policy. And last year it spent 10.2 billion dollars on superannuation alone.

That’s 10 times to totality of all the money spent on Treaty deals. So in terms of what the Government is doing settlement costs are a very small drop in a very large bucket.

It’s something to think about if our National Day makes you want to lose your rag.

Rag losers tend to not think things through very much.

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  1. Brown

     /  11th February 2014

    Lets leave the $ to one side then. If I pinch $5 from you is that acceptable? $10? $100? I suspect not.
    The problem is not the money its the increasingly disingenuous nature of the whole process as time has gone on, the lack of real proof to support much of what has been claimed, the inability to express a contrary view to the claim at hand and the ignoring of the clear Maori history that gives entitlement to some that took it at the point of a gun just in time to get on the gravy train. Its become a crock and its only about the money.


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