Winston Peters and Kim Dotcom

We already know that John Banks, Len Brown, Don Brash and Russel Norman have had associations with Kim Dotcom and his mansion.

Now it is claimed that Winston Peters has also been visiting the big man at the big house.

Rachel Glucima in The Diary at NZ Herald:

Questions of the week

1. Did Winston Peters visit the Dotcom mansion for secret meetings? Don Brash and Russel Norman have confessed to get-togethers in Coatesville, but Peters was playing coy yesterday when The Diary phoned. Rumours that he went there three times are “false”, he says, but he refused to specify if he’d been there at all.

Twice. Four? More?

Whale Oil elaborates in  Don Brash, Russel Norman and now Winston Peters, who hasn’t been to sit on Dotcom’s lap?

Winston Peters is being less than honest though because my sources tell me that last year he did go out to the Dotcom Mansion at least three times.

My sources tell me he went twice attended by a man with a goatee. Recent television footage of Winston Peters at Ratana showed him with his right hand man Tommy Gear. When shown pictures of Tommy Gear my sources confirmed he was the man attending with the Dotcom Mansion with Winston Peters.

On top of that he went once with a woman thought to be Jan Trotman in tow….that is at least three visits to the Dotcom mansion confirmed by my sources.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Winston Peters coincidentally has asked loads of written questions about the GCSB and the SIS of the Prime Minister…in several blocks of questions spread out over last year.

Winston Peters has also made much pf parliamentary privilege to allege all sorts of claims against John Key…after at least three visits to the mansion I imagine he has more to spin.

What is more concerning though is that Kim Dotcom thinks he can influence and buy off politicians at the drop of a hat. He donates money to John Banks, and seeks favours. Russel Norman visits and now he announces he is not in favour of our extradition treaties, Winston Peters visits at least three times and now he is pushing Dotcom’s agenda from parliament.

Anything related to Kim Dotcom that Winston Peters (or Russel Norman) has done or does in Parliament must have a big question mark over it.

This could be quite serious. A person who has been arrested and faces possible extradition to the USA seems to be playing politics with a number of party leaders, and some of them might be playing ball with him.

There are potentially very serious political and judicial implications.