Russel Norman transcript with Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner interviewed Russel Norman this afternoon on RadioLive and asked him about his Dotcom visits-

Russel Norman on his two meetings at Kim Dotcom’s mansion – Audio

Garner: Winston Peters won’t say if he’s been to the Dotcom mansion and seen Kim Dotcom and what they talked about but the Greens have admitted, Russel Norman has admitted that’s he’s been out there and had a chat to Kim Dotcom. He joins me now. Mt Norman, good afternoon to you.

Norman: Gidday Duncan, how’re going?

Garner: Very good. When did you go?

Norman: Ah, on the first and the twenty ninth of November last year.

Garner: You went twice.

Norman: That’s right.

Garner: Why?

Norman: to talk about policy issue because we’re pretty interested in the Internet economy stuff, ah, so and digital freeedom. All of those issues that obviously Kim Dotcom and the GCSB have highlighted, and also to talk about he was proposing this Internet Party, which he did end up establishing and I wanted to talk to him about it.

Garner: Did you try and stop him, did you try and stop him going ahead with the political party because that could take votes away from you?

Norman: Well, I didn’t try to stop him but I certainly did suggest to him that I thought it wasn’t a great idea, because potentially it could help John Key get elected, so the potential is that you know he gets less than 5% of the vote and those votes don’t represent, don’t get anyone elected into Parliament and the effect is you get more John Key elected, so I tried to talk him out of it…

Garner: Who instigated the meetings? Did you ring him or did he ring you?

Norman: I certainly was responsible for contacting him, I mean who rang who first I don’t have a record of that, but certainly I wanted to talk to him about his Internet Party.

Garner: So you instigated it?

Norman: I’m, I, well, whether he called me first or me called him first, I don’t have a record of it, but certainly I did want to talk to him about it so I take responsibility for it.

Garner: Because you were concerned about it.

Norman: Yeah that’s right.

Garner: Did you talk about his extradition case?

Norman: We talked about a number of his court cases cause he’s you know more ?? on the go. We didn’t talk at any particular length about his extradition, um, particularly in relation to the issue about whether the change of Government would we um block the extradition, that didn’t come up at all.

Garner: Did you give your view on the way he’d been treated the spies, by this Government?

Norman: Yeah, which I’ve given many times publicly over many many months, all through last year I was very vocal in my opinion about the way that the GCSB’s been behaving. Let’s remember they intercepted his communications illegally, they illegally raided his mansion, they deleted the information that’s supposed to be in the court case and they illegally gave information to the US Government so obviously I’ve expressed my views about that pretty firmly.

Garner: Would you stop him being extradited if you were in Government?

Norman: Well it’s a two step process, so there’s a judicial process, so that’s what’ll be happening I guess this year. And then there’s the decision has to be made by Minister, so you might call that the political process.

Garner: But you don’t think he should be extradited Russel?

Norman: Well, based on the evidence that we have at the moment, and we haven’t had the court cases yet but based on what I know and all the illegal activities of the New Zealand Government, um, I don’t support extradition but we’ll see what comes out in the court case.

Garner: You see ’cause it looks like, um and I want to be quite up front here, it looks like a slimy deal where you’ve gone to the Dotcom mansion, you’ve scratched his back, he’ll scratch yours by dropping out as a party, and it doesn’t look good.

Norman: Well, I mean all I can do is, you know, tell the truth, and the truth is that there is no such deal, um, there never has been…

Garner: There doesn’t have to be does there, it just has to be a bit of an understanding, wink wink nudge nudge.

Norman: Well, there was none of that…so from my point of view I’ve been extremely upfront all through last year about my views about the GCSB and the extradition, all of that stuff, so it’s just a matter of public record that I’ve been extremely critical of what’s been going on.

Garner: Interesting, I appreciate your time on the programme, Dr Russel Norman, Green’s co-leader.

Garner: It is fascinating. This is messy I think for some of these parties. At least I suppose Russel Norman has been upfront in that he went out and met Kim Dotcom  Twice. Winston Peters, it’s been alleged this afternoon he went three times and he won’t admit that. Apparently it’s all the journalists fault and problem for asking the question. You see, nothing has changed. Imagine Peters in Government, you’d get another three years of it.

This expands on some things and covers a bit more ground.

Norman has expressed valid concerns about the way the NZ Police and Government and GCSB have handled the Dotcom case. I’m not aware of Norman expressing any concern about what Dotcom has been doing to attract the attention of the US authorities

But there are still questions unanswered, including:

  1. What did Norman offer Dotcom in return for dropping the Internet Party plan?
  2. Were any donations discussed in any way? Norman: “No money was sought or offered” (Twitter)
    So were there any discussions about dealing with donations in any other way?
  3. Has Norman met Dotcom anywhere other than at Dotcom’s mansion?
  4. What other contact has Norman had with Dotcom?
  5. When did they last meet or talk?
  6. Have any other Green Party representatives met with or been in contact with Dotcom?

It’s difficult to believe that Norman would visit Dotcom not once but twice just for general discussions and to say Norman preferred Dotcom didn’t start up a party with no arrangements or deals discussed.

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  1. Goldie

     /  12th February 2014

    Kim Schmitz has convictions for fraud, insider trading, and embezzlement, and a history of dodgy businesses. He is a fantasist. He faces criminal charges in the United States, for which the US government is seeking his extradition.
    That Russell Norman, an aspiring Cabinet minister, visited Kim Schmitz twice – and then publicly says that he would not extradite him – seems incredible.
    I think that Russell Norman is letting his personal hatred of John Key take him into some very unwise places.

    • Darryl

       /  13th February 2014

      I agree with you 100%. Talk about corrupt business from Rusty Norman. Disgusting.

  2. Kim

     /  14th February 2014

    Bloody Aussie bring his corrupt practices here.

  1. Clare Curran, Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party | Your NZ

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