Dim-Post versus Glucina – serious accusation

Danyl Mclauchlan at Dim-Post has made serious accusations against Rachel Glucina, calling her a “a loyal little cog in National’s comms wheel”.

That’s a curious claim coming from the partner of a presumably loyal cog in the Green Party comms wheel.

Glucina is the journalist who broke the “Winston visits Dotcom’ story in NZ Herald last Friday:


Questions of the week

1. Did Winston Peters visit the Dotcom mansion for secret meetings? Don Brash and Russel Norman have confessed to get-togethers in Coatesville, but Peters was playing coy yesterday when The Diary phoned. Rumours that he went there three times are “false”, he says, but he refused to specify if he’d been there at all.

There has been posts and discussion since then in the blogosphere.

Yesterday John Key accused Winston Peters of having visited Dotcom three times. Since then there has been an unusually concerted campaign claiming Key got his information from the GCSB – which as others have pointed out, would be serious and illegal.

A post on Dim-Post today tries to portray Glucina as a National puppet in Alternate theory.

The Herald’s gossip journalist Rachel Glucina is a loyal little cog in National’s comms wheel so I guess you could claim that the Nats gave the story to her. But would they really give GCSB intel to the gossip columnist? Sure, maybe ‘that’s the genius of it all!’ But I doubt it.

Meanwhile Kim Dotcom is on twitter claiming that virtually no one knew about Winston Peters’ visits so the PM’s information must have come through surveillance. Now, I’ve never owned a gigantic palace filled with servants but I have sat through a few episodes of Downton Abbey and I’m guessing it’s harder to keep secrets in the country’s largest mansion than Dotcom thinks.

And I’m also guessing that not everyone who works there is totally loyal to their boss, and that at least one of them is willing to sell information about what goes on there to, say, a gossip columnist. The advantage National has is that they could – hypothetically – call Glucina and query the legitimacy of the source before they raised it in Parliament.

That looks like a fairly mangy attempt at mugging the messenger.

NBR journalist Rob Hosking asks:

More seriously – I don’t know Rachel Glucina personally and I don’t read her stuff (at least not on any regular basis) but can you back up the claim she is “a loyal little cog in National’s comms wheel?”

I hope Danyl takes this question seriously.

I’ll update here if Danyl comes back with anything to substantiate what he has claimed.

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  1. Goldie

     /  13th February 2014

    The people making the bizarre allegations that John Key has been informed by a secret conspiracy by the GCSB and that this is all a National Party set up are not being made by tin-foil hat wearing nutcases. These are significant people in the Greens and Labour.


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